FreezeCrowd: Social Networking Delivered through Photos

Define Social Networking

Social Networking is and always will be a tool to create new connections between people, groups, and businesses. Whether you network at the local business chamber of commerce or through an online forum, social networks can help you achieve more. For example, if you aim to find a new career path, you might use a social utility for business professionals seeking to network with peers and businesses who are hiring. However, there are many websites that essentially network the same. Create profile, add friend, look at similar profiles, and repeat. Boring!

So, what is FreezeCrowd? 

According to, FreezeCrowd is a social networking platform for college students and alumni and lays claim to a really nifty style of bringing people together!

Have you ever looked at a group photo of yourself and wondered about the other people in the photo? Whatever happened to that one girl that you met at a party during Freshmen year or your Cross-Country captain? Was I the only History major at that prep rally? 

Life changes and people you once knew disappear. You might not see the people you met during first semester, until the move-in day next year. Or, they simply changed Universities and moved away. But these awesome group shots live on without a group explanation, just your own. That's where FreezeCrowd joins the group!

"FreezeTag" Friends with FreezeCrowd

With FreezeCrowd, you can now take your football team photo and "FreezeTag" your teammates. Tagging just by name is boring! Take photo tagging to the next level and add a 140 blip about your teammate. What does he/she like? What's their school major? 

Once a few people are tagged in the photo, the fun begins! You'll instantly learn that within that same football team photo, there might be three teammates that are majoring in English and six other teammates are die hard Radiohead fans! The possibilities are endless and there is a real chance that you'll learn something about your friends that you'd never thought possible! 

How to join FreezeCrowd

Like most social networks, FreezeCrowd is extremely easy to setup and use. Currently, FreezeCrowd is exclusive to students and alumni and therefore, you must have a school email to join

A school email address is one which ends with ".edu"  If you have already graduated from a college or university and no longer have access to your email address, your university may be able to help. 


The Future of FreezeCrowd

As FreezeCrowd continues to grow, it is only a matter of time before it becomes a top social networking site. There are millions of  images being uploaded to websites everyday, but none can really be used to completely connect individuals together. With FreezeTags, FreezeCrowd brings individuals together and tells the story behind the images - simply a fresh new social media tool that everyone should use!