People often build an amazing website for their business and spend generous amounts of money and time to market it in hopes of attracting an international clientele. Their search engine results page rankings are top notch and they are consistent in updating their blogs and content pages, and yet, still, most of their business is coming from within the United States or from the U.K. Why is this? Well, the answer should be fairly obvious: to sell to foreign markets a website must speak the foreign market's language.

The Importance of Website Translation

Even if foreign, potential customers find the site on a search engine page, if they have difficulty understanding the language, they will not understand what the services are much less how to purchase them, and they will likely opt to use a local company instead.

That is why having a multi-lingual website for a business is essential for maximizing the reach and expanding ones opportunities for profit. Each international website should be in the language of the audience it is attempting to reach. The customers should feel catered to and secure, as this is what will make them trust the company and give the site their business. A business's website should be easily accessible and suited to its audience not only linguistically, but culturally as well.

Every day, more and more businesses are realizing how important website translation is for the purposes of establishing themselves as a legitimate international business. Website translation, or website localization, as it is also called, is indeed a very necessary step if a business hopes to gain and keep foreign customers.

Research by the International Data Group (IDC) shows that Internet users will be four times more inclined to purchase from a website that is in their language. Today, there are more than 100 million web users who do not speak English and more than 1/2 of all web users speak a language other than English as their native language. If a website caters to their native language, they are likely to stay for about twice as long on it.

Now, think about all the potential customers that will remain untapped if the website stays only in English. There are millions. Website translation is the key to reaching them and turning a national business into a truly global enterprise.

Building Credibility For A Business Website

Interestingly enough, expanding ones business into a global enterprise will not only result in high profits from the acquisition of new, foreign customers, but it will also increase ones credibility as an international company at home, something that any company can market and promote.

Translating a website to fit its international audience demonstrates a dedication to customer satisfaction. Good business is about trying to meet people's needs and expectations. The company who does that best is the company that grows.

So if hoping to grow outside of the national business arena, look into website localization. Make sure to hire a reliable translation company for the job. It will be one of the most essential and profitable moves a business can make on its path towards growth.