Breakdancing Classes: Everybody Say Huh!

Breakdancing is such an odd kind of art that it seems almost as if it just dropped from the sky one fine day. There are almost no ties with any other dance form, and exponents of Breakdancing come from so many different demographic backgrounds that it's hard to pin it down to a particular culture. But it does actually have one definite source – the Godfather of Soul himself, Jaaaaames Brown. Yes, that sex machine from the 60s was an old school hustle dancer who made the dance form of 'Good Foot' very popular. Anyone who's ever seen Brown in concert knows that the man got the moves. It was around this time that the street kids in NYC got together at haunts like Harlem World and battled – with dance. The Good Foot soon became the B-Boy, and subsequently, Breakdancing or Breaking. While old-style Breaking was much simpler and there were only floor moves, some of those moves were extremely complex. Breakdancing today has a lot of moves on the ground as well as acrobatic dance steps that make the dancer look like he's just a loosely jointed collection of body parts, each able to move independently of the other.

Breakdancing Classes In America Today

While true breaking requires that you become a part of that culture, breakdancing became so popular that it spilled over into traditional mainstream dance, and started gaining tremendous recognition and exposure. Nowadays, breakdancing classes are held in every major city in America, several hosting dance-offs and 80s style battles for supremacy – albeit in a safer, more commercial way. It shouldn't be too hard to find breakdancing classes in your city or town, but if you've hunted high and low and couldn't find anything, take heart – there are online classes that you can register for that will teach you the moves through video sessions. Though they're a bit tougher to learn from than a real live teacher, with hard work you can be like those guys who do head-spins, and hand-glide with effortless grace.

Breakdancing Classes: The Beginning Of Legend

Breakdancing classes are fun to hang out at. You'll make lots of new friends who are there to do the same thing that you do – learn to break. If you're lucky, you'll get to form a 'crew' and maybe do some traveling doing shows and expos. If you keep at it long enough, you might even be able to break-out on your own like the movers and shakers of breakdancing, such as the likes of Afrika Bambaataa, the legendary leader of the Zulu nation in the Bronx, who kept pushing breakdancing crews to keep at it and create a movement that gained more and more momentum as the years rolled by.

Breakdancing Classes: The Price Of Break-age

Breakdancing today is a very precise art form, with methods and techniques that can be broken down, learnt and duplicated. That's one of the benefits of learning online. A site like breakdanceclass dot com, for example, has a 2-video class that costs only $29.99. The videos are of National Breakdancing Champion Nathan, who shows you all the basic moves, as well as some complex ones, and how you can do them in the privacy and seclusion of your own home. The ray of hope for would-be breakers like Nathan is that he learnt the moves mostly online as well, allowing no excuses to be made when learning the dance. If you'd rather learn in a live dance studio, then there are several options for that as well. Most should cost you about as much as dinner in a nice restaurant, and will afford you the advantage of learning in a group. It's not so bad if you have company when falling flat on your face.