So what's so great about breakdancing?

Breakdancing has played a great part in improving my health. A few years ago I was 35 pounds overweight, so I decided to go vegan and begin juicing which I have created an article about (will add link later when it gets approved).
I remember trying to get back into breakdancing, and I just felt too heavy, like I needed to lose some weight! So I cut out sugar and meat from my diet. I had already cut out pork from my diet because I heard that they eat anything including their own feces.

This is the video from which I learned a lot, and decided to cut out meat and sugary food and drinks from my diet

So after watching that video

I figured out that this was the way to lose weight. It was the key to losing weight! And exactly that happened. About a month later I had lost about 20 pounds. I know it sounds crazy but that's what I remember. People told me that I looked a lot skinnier, which surprised me, because I guess I didn't realize it.

Some breakdancing

How breakdancing has greatly affected people in the world

Breakdancing became a way for gangs back then to battle through dance instead of fighting or killing eachother. It has also became a universal language for people from all kinds of backgrounds in every country to communicate even though they know little or nothing about another. They now hold big and small battles, jams and events all around the world with a lot of new promoters and fans. It is indeed a great tool for peace, love, unity, and having fun!



Back to what's so great about breakdancing or bboyin

So yea, my energy was low and my breathing was real tough, so I knew I had to break out of it by running Greenlake and breakdancing at every opportunity that I could. At work, at the park, different community centers and recreation centers. I loved learning all the cool moves and doing them to the music. I began recording many sessions to review later to get better and better. I began running even more at greenlake to improve my stamina so that I can break even better. It became a great hobby that got me to want to physically train my body more and more, not only that, but in a fun, inspirational way. Calling, texting, and messaging friends to meet up for break sessions, it just became a really good cypher of energy that happened like all through-out the week.

As we kept practicing, different characters would come to the sessions and it would just be another ingredient to the dope sauce that we already made! So there was always something new, like different people's music list or some different venue or breakspot that kept it interesting.

We gave eachother props or compliments on eachother's moves and art. Because that's what it was, art. It's beauty, the art of movement. The floor is the canvas, our bodies the paint! So all that positive energy was great. We also gave eachother ideas and suggestions to help eachother out.

A breakdancing video

Investing in a video camera if you don't have one!

Investing in a camera can be one of the best tools you can get when your on your breakdancing journey because what's better than doing the moves to the music? Actually seeing yourself do the moves to the music! You can see what others see. Find out what you want to improve on or even to see what looks good. You'd definitely be amazed and surprised and will congratulate yourself when you see some of the stuff you do once you get into it a bit! And that will greatly help inspire and motivate you to keep it up! So get a camera or use your phone or Iphone or anything that records video and start checking out your art for yourself!

So what are you waiting for?

Isn't it time to get started again? Do it and let me know how it goes!