Some General Guidelines

In my opinion breakfast in Disneyworld is one of the greatest things in the world.  It's a great time to soak in the anticipation of the day ahead of you and watch the children run around in excitement.  Make no mistake, breakfast in Disneyworld is very important.  You will walk more by lunch than you usually would all day and in your excitement you won't notice how hungry and tired you're getting.  So take the time to find yourself a bite to eat at some of the many options below.  Before we get to that there are a few guidelines that might make your decision easier.

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Seats fill up fast: There are two primary types of food service in Disney World: sit down and counter service.  If you are planning on having a sit down meal with your family it is in your best interest to plan ahead and make a reservation.  Some of the more popular restaurants book solid as much as six months in advance.  You can make your reservations 180 days from the date of the reservation so make up your must do list early.  You can make dining reservations by calling 407-WDW-DINE.

Be flexible on time: If you can manage to eat a little earlier than normal or a little later than normal you will have an easier time with lines at counter service meals.  By adjusting your eating by as little as one hour earlier than normal you can breeze through the meals and be on attractions while everyone else waits for their turn to order breakfast.

Be wary what you eat: Remember that you are going to be in the Orlando heat all day and perhaps going on some thrill rides.  It may be wiser to eat on the lighter side than have another order of eggs over easy.

Breakfast at your Resort

If you are staying at a Disney World resort than that may be your easiest option for eating breakfast.  Every resort has either a counter service restaurant or a food court for quick dining.  It's an interesting meal because you are surrounded by the energy of hundreds of families who are ready to have an amazing day.  Conversations come easy and many social barriers that might exist outside of Disney World come crashing down.  Having breakfast at the resort also means you step onto your transportation ready to bust down the gates when you arrive at the park.

Breakfast at Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom, home of one of most recognized castles in the world.  Magic Kingdom is

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usually the first place families go when they vacation in Disney World and with good reason.  However, your breakfast options are actually quite limited.  This is actually a trend across many of the Disney World theme parks as most of the food service begins with the lunch rush.  You're not devoid of options though.  Magic Kingdom has two sit down breakfast locations and a small handful of quick food options.

Sit Down: You can have breakfast at Cinderella's Royal Table which is in the castle itself.  Have breakfast with many of the Disney princesses and assorted characters.  This is a pricier meal but is worth the cost for the memory.  The other option is the Crystal Palace which is a buffet style breakfast with characters from Winnie the Pooh.

Counter Service: You can grab a pastry from the Main Street bakery but be ready for a very long line.  There are also coffee stands and small shops that sell whole fruit and yogurt.

Breakfast at EPCOT

EPCOT has extremely limited breakfast options for one major reason.  While the World Showcase has a variety of food it doesn't actually open until 11AM.  Future World opens hours earlier and posseses most of the rides.  If you plan on eating breakfast at EPCOT you have three options.

Sit Down: In the Norway pavilion you can go to the Princess Storybook Breakfast.  This is a typical buffet with a slight Norwegian twist.  Most of the families are there for the chance to have pictures taken with the princesses.  Be aware that reservations are required for this meal.

Counter Service: There are two counter service options in EPCOT for breakfast in Disneyworld.  The Sunshine Seasons food court in the Land pavilion serves breakfast sandwiches and drinks.  You can also grab a coffee and pastry at the Espresso cart which resides near Ellen's Universe of Energy.

Breakfast at Animal Kingdom

The Animal Kingdom is actually best during the early morning.   The park tends to be the hottest due to the large amount of foliage and the prize attraction, the Kilimanjaro Safari, is best ridden in the cooler morning hours while the animals are most active.  There are two options a sit down breakfast in Disneyworld here and a few quick spots to grab a bite.

Sit Down: The Rainforest Cafe is actually right before the entrance to the park.  It is not a Disney restaurant but is on property.  This could be one of the cheaper options for a sit down breakfast in Disneyworld.  The other option is the Tusker House which has a buffet with a more varied offering compared to most other Disneyworld restaurants.Royal Anandapur Tea CompanyCredit:

Counter Service: The Tusker House has a quick service window that sells a variety of small items as well as beverages.  Carts litter the many trails of the park selling whole fruit and drinks.  A hidden treasure of mine is the Royal Anadapur Tea Company which is located along the path to the Asia section of the park.  They serve a good variety of loose leaf tea and freshly ground coffees as well as a modest pastry selection.  There is rarely a line and the tea is something you can't get anywhere else in Disney World.

Breakfast at Disney Hollywood Studios

Disney's Hollywood Studios rounds out the theme of Disney World parks having limited breakfast options.  There is only one sit down restaurant and only two real counter service options.  Just like in the other three theme parks there are various carts that will sell coffee, beverages and whole fruit.

Sit Down: Hollywood and Vine is the only place in Hollywood Studios where you can have a sit down meal for breakfast.  It is the standard fare for a breakfast buffet with things like waffles, scrambled eggs, and potatoes.  There are characters at this meal but they tend to be outdated.

Counter Service: If you want more than just a bagel and a cup of coffee but don't want a buffet than your options are the ABC Commissary and the Starring Rolls Cafe.  Both serve breakfast sandwiches but Starring Rolls Cafe has more options such as parfait and fresh fruit pastries.  However, ABC Commissary has plenty more seating available than Starring Rolls Cafe.

So there you have it.  The most important meal of the day is rather under represented in the theme parks but a variety of options at the resorts.  However, no matter what your plan to attack the day in the Happiest Place on Earth you will be able to find a place to fuel up with breakfast in Disneyworld.