The topic of garage storage typically isn't something you find yourself talking about at a dinner party. And for good reason! Like many things in life, dealing with the garage is one of those modern day demands that we have to deal with whether we like it or not (assuming we are a homeowner with a garage that is! And that's a number that's always shrinking actually, but we'll leave that to another hub....)

Truth be told, I'm probably that guy who would actually start talking about garage storage at a dinner party. But hey, you can forgive me right, since I'm also the same one writing Info Barrel articles about it! :)

What's the Deal With Garage Storage?

Using the garage to properly hold your items is one of the most ideal methods of home storage. Far better than using the attic (how accessible really is the attic?) or the basement (dark, dirty, scary - no thanks!), the garage is easy to get to and easy to maintain, once you know what you're doing.

While you may not think you use your garage for storage, let me ask you this: what's in it right now? I bet it's got a lot more than just a car. I bet there's boxes piling up, junk on the floor, stuff shoved into the corner, maybe even some old clothes that are in there now, dying a slow death before being thrown away.

Garage storage systems are about making this space, and the items in them, usable and accessible.

It's really just that simple!

Simple Ideas for Garage Storage Systems

If you feel so inclined, one can enlist the help of a professional is designing, customizing, and installing a unique garage storage system, suitable specifically for their garage and their belongings. I won't lie - these types of set ups are awesome! And that's the trade off - you pay someone a lot of money, and you get a "product" that rocks. In this case, it's the garage storage system.

Now, if outsourcing the job to a professional is neither interesting to or within your budget, never fear! The gods of home improvement stores have got us covered. They offer a near infinite buffet of garage storage solutions, all designed to make your life a little easier.

Let's review some of the basic garage storage items you should consider buying and putting in the garage.

Garage Shelving. This is a biggie. It's almost worth breaking down into 5 separate sub categories of its own, because so many different types of products fall within its realm. At the most basic level, you've got garage shelving and cabinets that rest on the floor. This is going to be something any garage needs if you are going to be storing anything at all. Basic shelves, basic cabinets. Simple and cost effective. You've also got garage shelving that's designed to mount to the wall, saving your dear garage floor space for other things (or nothing at all - free space is also nice.) Additionally, there's CEILING mounted garage shelves. These shelves really take the cake as far as offering you space but also giving you back the floor space. As you can expect, this also means a high price tag.

Garage Racks. Racks is a sort of generic term for a bunch of things, but the common theme is that they all store a specific item. You've got golf racks, baseball rats, sports racks, toy racks, yard and lawn racks, tool racks, and so on. Many mount to the wall, but of course many also simple rest on the ground as usual.

As aside to this category is the bike racks. If you or your kids have bikes, 2 tier garage bike racks are extremely useful in keeping the bikes from hogging up space and messying up the garage.

Oversized Storage Bins. These are not necessarily made for the garage, but they work perfectly. I like the see through bins with plastic lids, but be sure to get ones that seal tightly and won't simply open up on their own accord over time or with a little pressure (from perhaps another bin stacked on top), otherwise, dust and dirt will collect inside. Oversized storage bins are great for childrens toys, yard stuff, and misc. garage items. You can't go wrong buying yourself a few of these!

What Else?

What else? Well, perhaps the question is "What else do you need?" Nearly all garage items can be stored by using items from the above list. If you've got something special going on, perhaps it is time to consider consulting with a garage storage systems professional to get their help on some custom storage.

For everyone else, time to get moving! That's the thing with garage storage: once you get it started off right, it's easy to maintain. But the longer your delay, the more things pile up, and the bigger the task ahead of you keeps getting!