The world of sport enhancers such as powders, pills and drinks is rapidly expanding, but there has been a recent shift from remedies used to enhance physical strength to understanding the science within the body.  The diet and physical aspect of exercise is a vital part to maintaining strong, mental health; but many times people look for easy solutions and have not examined the important components of health---  cells and the break down of essential amino acids. One of the recently publicized components of the breakdown of fat cells is Acetyl-L-Carnitine which has aided in many facets of health and fitness.   

What Is ALC?

Acetyl-L-Carnitine is an amino acid derivative that is mainly found in cardiac and skeletal muscles and produced in your kidneys and liver.  This amino acid, typically found in supplements, some meat and dairy, is then used in the small intestine and it is a key component in the breakdown of fat.  So why, is Acetyl-L-Carnitine even relevant to your body and workout?  While smaller amino acid chains are not typically highlighted within the physical health market, ALC has shown incredible benefits aside from its contribution to cellular fat breakdown and weight loss. It has also been suggested that ALC assists in the length of time someone can exercise by prolonging the body’s energy. 

The Fitness and Health industry is more wide-spread than ever before, and ALC is becoming a more important contributor to the longevity and weight-loss of exercise and sports programs.  ALC for sports is becoming more popular and will be one of the next up-and-coming supplements for increasing work out capability while increasing the time you can run or exercise.

Health Benefits & Risks

With the extensive research being conducted with ALC, there are studies showing that ALC can benefit the human body in several ways including:

  • reduction of triglycerides
  • reduce the speed of aging
  • increase brain function
  • reduces pain
  • reduction in Alzheimer patients and stroke victims


While there are always controversial research regarding medications and supplements, there are some side effects and other forms of supplements that are not approved for the fitness industry. The FDA has removed approval of the Acetyl D and D,L Carnitine supplements from the health and fitness market due to its toxicity levels, but there are several benefits to the Acetyl-L-Carnitine supplements which re developing each day.  As suggested with any medication, you can still find these derivatives of ALC but it is imperative that you talk to a doctor to find out if these are supplements are safe for your consumption as well as the dosage you should use.

ALC for Sports

If you are interested in the very intricate development and enhancement of our muscles and accelerated weight loss, ALC has a lot of benefits for many different people .  ALC for sports is an important aspect of getting your body in the best shape it has ever been and there is exciting research developments every day!