3 Quick Steps to Breaking in your Rainbow Sandals

You're super psyched...you have a brand new pair of Rainbow sandals and you can't wait to get wearing them.  I understand...totally, but not so fast.  There are a few things you will need to know first.

Rainbow Sandals logoNice job on choosing Rainbows!

First, congrats on your new sandals!  Rainbows used to be a sandal with a huge cult following.  Now the cult has gone mainstream and these sandals are some of the most popular on the market today. Rainbow Sandals are so popular for many reasons.

  • They're incredibly comfortable - once broken in...but we'll get to that 
  • They have a long life - some have lasted as long for over 10 years
  • They have a life time warranty - the warranty is for the lifetime of the sole
  • They're an iconic part of beach culture

So why do I need to break in my Rainbow sandals?Rainbow Sandals

Unfortunately no product is perfect and Rainbows do have one huge flaw...they can be really tough on your feet during the first few weeks of wear.  Once broken in your rainbows will feel amazing but most people report that you pay a price for that comfort during the break-in period.  Fortunately there are a couple of things you can do to quicken the process.

Step 1 - Hit the showers

It's time to start breaking in these new sandals.  The first step will be to take a nice long hot shower with your sandals on.  Allow the warm water to soak your sandals and begin to loosen the leather.

Step 2 - Hit the bricks

Go immediately from your shower and start walking around your block (please take a moment to put on some clothes first!)  The goal is to walk until your sandals are dry but if you are pressed for time 20-30 minutes will do.  If it happens to be winter you can do this at your gym...you might get some weird looks but hey, they're probably just jealous that they don't have awesome sandals like you.

Step 3 - Wear, treat your feet and repeat

Now that you have done the initial hard work of wetting the sandals and walking them dry, it is time to start rotating your Rainbows into your everyday wardrobe.  Try to wear the sandals as much as possible, but be ready to stop and change footwear if you develop any hot spots or discomfort caused by the sandal rubbing against your feet.  Bandaids and a change of shoes will be your best friends during this period.  Keep both handy with you until you can make it through an entire day without any discomfort.

Step 4 - Enjoy for the next decade or so

All your hard work will be worth it.  A broken in pair of Rainbows will be your constant companion for years to come.