comedy 2

The tides have turned in the television world. Reality TV Kills Comedy is not a metaphor but a realization that there's absolutely nothing funny on television today.

It seems the masses would rather watch a young women birth ten or fifteen kids, without any means to support them, or maybe a backwoods wrecker company, repossess some hillbilly's ride.

These reality shows are a step away from Jerry Springer. Watching these shows is probably popular because of the same reasons - self esteem issues.

Our own realization that there are plenty of people in the world worse off than us. This is what they're playing us for, people who want reality are usually looking for an escape from their own.

People looking for comedy are also looking for this break, they're both just looking in different directions.

They make everyone feel better about themselves. Seeing a toothless overweight repo man, knock down the guy trying to save his ride, gives us two separate individuals who's lives are worse then most.

Coming home after a hard day of work, most people would sit down and watch a sitcom or two. Folks had a favorite night to laugh together.

The lineups would compete for the laughs, one funnier then the next. Ratings skyrocketed for some of these shows. comedy3Yet somehow they have drifted into obscurity.

Falling pray to tattoo artists and handymen, Motorcycle builders and folks with dirty jobs.

There are many shows dealing with the entertainment industry such as American Idol and others down that road.

These are also reality shows and while they can be entertaining, they don't make me laugh. The problem is they're real.

There's plenty of this stuff in the real world. Taking time to watch a show or movie on television, should take us away from what's going on, day in and day out.

So where did Comedy go wrong, becomes the question. One could guess the producers and other powers that be, found out the public wanted this change.

We all liked comedy when we had it, I firmly believe we would all like it again, if they brought it back. Somewhere out there in the behemoth of an entertainment world we live in is some funny crap. Lets hunt it down and get it out there.

Since when does the public get what they want, right? The reason this has happened can only be blamed on these reality TV shows. They are the only available suspect.

They should be tried in the Peoples' Court and Judge Judy should sentence them to death, after public flogging of course. This would open up the airwaves for the return of real entertainment, the stuff that will make milk come out of your nose.

Comedy 1Without laughter, the world is a dry and unfriendly place. Having a few chuckles with a new acquaintance breaks the ice nice. We need comedy and without it, we may be destined to a very solemn future.

We are in need of new comedians. The public should rally this cause because we all need to laugh. Letting the new style of reality television rule the networks, is no joke. Forgetting how much we need to laugh, is a travesty.

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