Okay, so Info Barrel hasn't really swallowed all the others whole and spit them out...yet. How very irresponsible of me. I'll do my best to present the case that my beloved IB will take over the revenue sharing world. I'm not trying to hustle you. In fact, I will not even offer up any form of affiliate links or referral links in this article. After writing over 350 articles my earnings are continuing to improve, much to my delight. That's good enough for me – I don't need your commission or referral income. You can decide for yourself. Let's explore 10 reasons that Info Barrel is better than the rest. I could probably make it 50, but for the sake of presenting an article you can read in one sitting, I'll cut it back.

10 – Transparent Revenue Sharing Model

You won't have to take educated guesses with Info Barrel. You know you will get no less than 75% of the AdSense impressions, Chitika impressions, and Amazon Impressions on the right hand side. You will not receive any Kontera ad revenue (I have it on other sites – it's not a lot), since it's used to help fund the contests we have. By the way, the contests afford you an opportunity to increase your AdSense impressions to 90%, which I'll go over soon. Unless you're going through the hassle of owning your own site, you won't get that elsewhere. So tell me...what was your cut at eHow? Nobody knows for sure.

9 – Fix It And Post It

Unlike other sites, if you have an article denied on Info Barrel for any reason, it will be placed in a separate file, under your account setting. You will find out why it was denied and be given the opportunity to fix it up. Now, I'm sure eHow did the same thing for their authors, right?

8 – Huh. That's Weird...No Bugs

Don't get me wrong, there are occasional bugs and glitches on Info Barrel. Of course, most of us never see them since they are fixed so quickly. This is one of my most favorite things about this site. If you find a glitch and bring it to the attention of the Admins, they fix it. Who would have ever thought of such a thing? Customer service is such a novel idea.

7 – Communication With Ownership

That's right, the owners actually talk to us. In fact, their names are Ryan and Kevin and they peruse the site all the time, responding to our questions asked with the contact us button and on the forum. Many online authors cannot believe that owners would take the time out of their day to communicate with the authors. I cannot count all the times authors have made suggestion for improvements on the forum only to get a response from the owners. It's more than just words – they implement many of our suggestions.

6 – Contests That People Actually Win

Remember when eHow was looking for eHow authors, 35 years of age or older, with a household income of 200k per year or more? It was a contest of sorts. Who won that thing? Did anyone get anything out of the deal? The fact that nobody knows is a pretty good indicator. On IB, it's clearly defined that you can raise your AdSense impressions to 90% if you earn points for the month. In addition, you can track who's winning the contest each day and the winners are posted. That's right, you don't have to play the guessing game. While I cannot say if anyone ever won an eHow or DS contest and received a prize, I can tell you that I've been given $350 worth of Amazon gift cards from the contests. I KNOW Info Barrel Pays out on the contests. Since there are other revenue sharing sites out there running contests, I must ask – who won the one on Xomba where the articles and bookmarks were renamed from Xombytes and Xomblurbs? Hmm.

5 – You Can Write About Anything

Okay, I suppose that's not really true. You are bound by the Info Barrel submission guidelines. The point is, you are not limited to how to type article and nobody else will tell you what topics you have to write about. You also don't have to scroll through 500 ridiculous writing topics to find one the company is "willing" to let you claim. Pretty cool, isn't it?

4 – No Caps On Earnings

With DS and other upfront pay sites you will be given a flat rate for your articles. Ick. I'll admit $15 upfront is somewhat tempting. However, when I factor in that I generally average $2 per article per month here in AdSense income alone, I realize that I make $24 per year on that same article. In 3 years I'll make $72. This doesn't factor in any Chitika earnings I may get or Amazon commissions. When I stop to think about the fact that only about half of my articles are optimized for search engines (this one is not), I realize just how much money I am really making here. Is anyone making that much money on Squidoo? From What I've read, the top earner is just about $1000 with TONS of articles.

3 – Preapproval Process

It's kind of a pain for some people. If you are providing decent articles, you will have no problem being preapproved. The criteria is simple – submit 10 articles with minimal issues and be a member in good standing for 14 days. It's just enough to keep out the spammers and those incapable of putting sentences together. Don't get confused and they don't have a heart. If you are struggling you can generally still contribute, but your articles may have to be reviewed before going live.

2 – Rising Stock

No, it's not a publicly traded company or anything like that, but the stock Google places in Info Barrel is on the rise. More authors are reporting high page rank on articles. Perhaps this is because Info Barrel's Alexa score has improved over 40,000 spots in the last 18 months. Have you ever seen a site grow like that? Today (July 12, 2010), the Alexa score is 8,004 worldwide and 3,473 in the U.S. When you read this, logon to alexa.com and see what the score is. You'll be blown away. Other sites are faltering. Look up the Squidoo Slap and see what can happen.

1 – Mega Moolah

I've touched on it throughout the article. I know that money is a major motivator for online authors. The contests pay money and allow you to increase your already industry best AdSense share, there are alternative sources of income, and the site is gaining favor with Google. Add it all up and you'll be hooked like I am.