Women are often faced with the responsibility of preventing accidental pregnancy by taking oral contraceptive pills as a back-up to the conventional withdrawal method or the usual condom being used by the male partner. But a lot of women are scared of taking oral contraceptive pills because they have heard myths concerning the use of pills. Here are some of the common birth control pill myths and the truth behind the misconceptions:

Taking birth control pills will make you gain weight.

A lot of women do gain weight while using pills, but the weight gain isn't because of the oral contraceptive pills. Although the estrogen in pills can cause women to feel bloated, it usually goes away after a while. Progestin may cause an increase in appetite, thereby causing the pill to be faulted for gaining weight. Some women can also experience water retention when switching to a pill of a lower dose. Another thing you might want to note is the fact that most women often start using the birth control pill at a point in their life where weight gain is common.

Using oral contraceptives can cause birth defects.

Ever since the pill was invented scientists have researched and studied about its side effects and what health risks it can bring to its users. As it goes with other medicines, there are side effects that go along with taking the pill, but serious side effects are rare. There are no reported birth defects caused by women accidentally taking the pill during early pregnancy.

Taking pills for a long time can affect a woman's fertility.

The truth is quite the contrary, a woman's fertility goes back to normal once she stops taking oral contraceptives. For women with irregular menstrual cycles when they started using the pill, it may take a while for their fertility to come back.

There are still other oral contraceptive myths out there that need to be straightened out. For more reliable information regarding the use of birth control pills and what side effects it may bring, talk to a licensed gynecologist or a sexual health professional.