How To Quit Smoking For Free

Which Are You??

No Smoking(119575)Credit:'s many  people who try to quite smoking everyday, According to Statistics it has shown that 23.7 million people try to quit everyday. But only few people are able to do this as the addiction to nicotine is very addictive that only a few are able to break it. But let's face it, the reason you are here is that you have taken that step to break the addiction.

Now that in itself  is a big step from your comfort zone in trying to do something. Now as you have seen the numbers from above only a few are able to quite, 1/3 of them !!!!. Apart from that we have those that smoke occasionally and can control the addiction.

Which Are YOU!!!!

Understanding The Addiction

In order to help curb the addiction, There is a need to understand the factor that gives the urge.

When you inhale the cigarette smoke, it has all sorts of chemicals. But the main substance that gives that relaxation feeling, is nicotine.  It's addictiveness is even compared to cocaine. So now you have an idea of why people find it hard to quit smoking.

Even though it may seem hard to think you could break the habit.  All it takes is your will to break the addiction and the focus (or will) to get you there.


Greatest Resource

The Greatest resource or any person on this living earth that a person can posses is  the 


Just to get one thing straight about this article is that this is no psychological strategy I'm trying to make here. everything I'm writing here is basically how i gave up smoking just by changing my perspective on it, and training my mindset in a way to suppress the urge.


Changing Your Mindset

To give up smoking you need a lot of commitment from your part.  To first prepare yourself you must first change your perspective towards smoking. Here is a step by step in trying to change your mindset.

Step 1: Weighing The Benefits

First weigh out the benefits of smoking and the benefits of quitting. you could prepare a table so that you could compare results and see why it is very beneficial to quit smoking. Here is an example of what i did.

Smoke Quit Smoke
  • relaxation
  • yellow teeth
  • many related disease
  • can cause cancer
  • money Spent
  • Smelly breath
  • dark lips
  • makes the face dry
  • look older
  • feel good and healthy
  • decrease your chance of getting sick
  • look and feel younger
  • save money
  • family benefits from me
  • money spent on a packet can be saved to indulge family or self.
  • no yellow teeth
  • pink lips
  • fresher breath
  • live longer.
  • least risk of getting lung cancer.


 That is just a few points that could help you weigh the disadvantage of smoking. Another is to find way that could make you think twice of picking that stick to smoke. I remember when I was trying to quit I downloaded pics of what my lungs would look like and saved it on my phone as a wallpaper, so that when i do see it I'm reminding myself that I do have the power of making my lungs looking healthy. If that doesn't work out for you, then I'm sure there other ways that could be effective to you. Just keep in mind what may work for me, may not work on you. 



Step 2:  Who is In charge?

The next  step is to tell yourself who is in charge. What i mean by this is, you have to change the way you rely on smoke, by making it rely on you. If you get the urge now, chances are you will cure that urge soon as. Change it so that when you get the urge, you can tell yourself " No!!. it can wait first i got to complete this. 

By doing this, you're starting to change the dependency on smoke and changing it around. Now this process will take some time. You can start by delaying urge and not satisfying it, After you have done that and able to delay the urge, the next step is to have longer intervals between smokes. 

As you can see both ways is basically trying to break down the urge control that all smokers have.

Step 2: Let Everyone Know

Tell everyone what you planning to do. Tell your wife, your children, your neighbour, your colleagues. Basically tell everyone that you are quitting and put up penalties for breaking it. Example if,  your wife caught you smoking, the penalty for that will be you doing all her chores at home for one week.( It's tiring if you do, will surely make you think twice if that cigarette was worth it.)

Step 4: Leaving it

When you are able to do both, then you are ready to go to the next step. But remember it is all on you. if your will become weak then chances are low. If you have fail by giving in to that urge. Don't worry it is  expected, It is how you keep on trying to fight the urge that counts.

Once you have known that you can control it. You can start by stop smoking for a day, then as time goes and you are able to do that, you can increase the days to smoke. Then as you have guessed it is all downhill there.

After EffectsNo U turn

When you have successfully followed through and known you have controlled it, you can kick that habit away and just congratulate yourself by treating yourself to something better by using the money that you have saved from quitting smoking.

Just to let you know when people quit they tend to gain weight as they indulge themselves in food. Since cigarettes suppress the hunger . For awhile after you have quit you will immediately see the effects of quitting, as you lips will get lighter from the previous dark lip. You will begin to radiate as you are eating healthy and it will show on your build and features.


Hope that this article would have help you to quit without wasting your money.