If you’re reading this and you’re over the age of 20, chances are you’ve had at least one relationship that become very monotonous and boring, perhaps even prematurely.  There are many obstacles in dating and in marriage.  It’s up to you and your significant other to try to break things up a little and add a little spice to the relationship.  This can be accomplished outside of the bedroom just as easily as inside the bedroom.  While there aren’t any solutions that work every time, there are many that are prone to working, especially when combined with other methods.  If your relationship has or is beginning to stall and become rather mundane, why not try to get back on track and spice it up?  The following suggestions will help you along the way.

Experience Something New Together

There are probably several things you and your significant other would both like to do at some point, but never have.  It can be anything and it really doesn’t have to be super expensive. For example, I’ve never been to a live play and neither has the woman I’m dating.  This type of date would be unique for both of us, since we’ve never done it before, and would be something we could experience together.  Perhaps you’re more adventurous and zip lining, or something extreme like that would be more to your liking.  No matter what it is that you both want to try, go out and try it.  Even if you find you don’t enjoy the activity, you’ll probably still enjoy your time away from the house and away from the boringness of monotony.

Surprise Your Significant Other

Line up a sitter and take him out on the town or great him at the door wearing nothing but a smile.  It can be done in or out of the bedroom.  Break up the routine by surprising your wife with something she’s not expecting.  Flowers are nice, but a night of pampering out on the town, especially if she’s not expecting it, will probably get a better reaction.

Express Your Feelings for Each Other

Too often, as a relationship hits that “comfortable” stage, we tend to say “I love you” just before bed, when we get a gift, and as we leave each other’s company.  Sit down together and truly, thoroughly express your feelings for your partner.  If you are the type who simply cannot do this in person, try a handwritten note and leave it somewhere for your partner to find when you’re not around. You might be surprised at how much expressing your feelings can do to spice things up and make them break the normal routine.

Travel Together – Without the Kids

Budgets are tight and there never seems to be any leftover money or time to do anything together.  Does this sound familiar?  If so, you have your work cut out for you, but you shouldn’t give up.  Even a short weekend trip in a camper, away from the kids and the headache of everyday life can be a true rejuvenator for any relationship.  Save some money, even if it means taking a short term side job or selling some unwanted items and go out and do something together. Time away from your family will ultimately bring your family closer.

Touch Each Other and Kiss Each Other

A well placed, soft, sensual touch will send shivers up the spine of you wife or husband.  Make no mistake about it; men like to be touched like this, too.  There’s no substitute for the sense of touch.  Walk up behind your husband and gently rub his back sometime, out of the blue.  Better yet, walk up behind him, spin him around and plant a great big, wet, passionate kiss on his lips when he has no reason to suspect it’s coming. Kissing is one of the first things that become a habit.  You kiss goodnight, when you leave for work, and during sex, and probably at very few other times, especially if you’ve been together dating or married for quite some time.  Make it out of the ordinary.

Make the Bedroom Spicy

If you feel like you’re slipping into monotony in the bedroom, spice it up a little.  You don’t have to go crazy with this and there are things out there which can help you.  You will have to let loose a little and you have to be comfortable with your partner.  You can try adult board games, for example, or videos suggesting new ways to be intimate together.  You can take this one as far as you and your significant other are comfortable in taking it.

Look Forward to Something

You and your boyfriend or girlfriend need to have something to look forward to, together.  It can be a trip you are planning, a night out together, or the arrival of some marital aids you ordered.  No matter what it is, you should ALWAYS have something you are both looking forward to together and talk about it.

Money Troubles Cannot Stop Fun

Having fun together, as a couple, is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your relationship stays strong and lasts for a long time.  If you have money issues, like many of us do, you cannot allow yourself to believe it means not having fun together.  Laugh together and find things to do that are very cheap or even free.  If you use your imagination a little, you can come up with plenty.  Just plain old goofing around together can break up the monotony is a marriage.

Stop Taking Your Partner For Granted

This is too easy to do as we hit the “comfortable” stage in relationships.  Assuming your partner will be there for you can be a very good thing, but if you assume they will always be there, you just could have another thing coming.  You’ve probably been in relationships, or even marriages, where you assumed you would have the person forever, or at least for a long time only to find out you were wrong.  Stop taking your significant other for granted and do something to ensure you have a long, happy, healthy relationship.