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About 5 years ago, a friend asked me an introspective question, ‘So, what is your passion?’ I remembered not having an immediate response and it seemed as though she asked me to locate a new planet in the universe. It was one of the most challenging questions I have ever encountered. Even though it was not a rocket science question, I was struggling to come up with an answer because if forces me to reflect on my life.

Yes, I like to travel around the world, play peek-a-boo with toddlers and indulge myself in gastronomical, good food, but to declare it as my passion pursuit, just does not fit the bill. Passion commands something significant and extraordinary that requires channelling all my time, money and energy into it. After I had taken a good look at the things I like to do, I noticed a common denominator. I love to inspire people in achieving their goals. I love to interact with people from all walks of lives. I love to be involved in people’s lives and positively impact them. It gives me a satisfying feeling and a sense of euphoria in the air each time I have valuable conversations with people. It makes me want to do a happy dance as I welcome the endless possibilities that life has to offer for them.  

What are the barriers in achieving your passion?

Would it not be incredible to achieve everything that we set for in life? Would it not be fantastic to wake up and look forward to doing things that you love to do? If it is good, why are some people still unhappy with the things that they do? Why are some people feeling unsettled with their jobs and in their lives? If you are wondering about the same thing, let’s see what are some of the barriers that stop you from achieving your passion in life.

1. You are not being totally honest and authentic with yourself 

Pursuing a passion requires you to be connected with your soul. It involves asking yourself deep questions that allow you to dig deeper within you so that you can be completely authentic with yourself. If it is difficult for you to answer questions on your passion pursuit, chances are, you are living your life on automatic. You are not crystal clear about your purpose of life and intention. You have not been taking control of your life and allowing others to hijack your life as you become a puppet to them. This barrier prevents you from achieving the most out of your life because you are living someone else’s dream.

2. You think you have no time to think and search about passion

It is not easy to guess, search and live a life with passion. However, it is not that difficult either. With the majority of the population working on a tight working schedule of a 9-to-5 job, the remaining after-working hours is a mad race. You have mountains of laundry to do, children’s homework to monitor, meeting up with your friends or do a quick workout before you hit the sack. You feel that setting aside time to think, search and live a life with passion is a waste of time, rather than making use of the time productively. It demands added time, added money and added effort investing into the passion pursuit. This barrier stops you from creating the life you want as you are not willing to sacrifice the extra time pursuing it. 

3. You are skeptical about passionate people

Passionate people believe in themselves strongly. They do things differently so as to achieve their goals in life, efficiently. Misunderstanding the requirements to pursue a passion can lead to serious doubts and skepticism. These doubts and criticisms get the better of you, rather than trying to find out the true essence of pursuing a passion. This barrier limits you from achieving what you truly can achieve as your energy and effort is in over-analysing and over-thinking a situation. As the saying goes, ‘Don’t analyse until you get paralysed’. There’s no point in thinking too much about it without taking any action. 

4. You are too afraid of the unknown, failure and making mistakes

Pursuing a passion requires you to take risks. It involves being courageous and fully responsible of any of the outcomes in pursuing it. No one wants to feel ashamed, embarrassed, disappointed and vulnerable if the passion pursuit does not take off well. Taking risks involved being in an unexplored territory. Getting approval from family members and friends can be a hindrance in pursuing your passion. This barrier subconsciously cut off any opportunities, and you may never get the chance again. As the saying goes, ‘Strike while the iron is hot!’ 

5. You underestimate yourself in achieving the passion

Being passionate requires a high sense of confidence and a positive mindset. It is imperative to embrace any challenges and difficulties that come along the way. Lacking in confidence and having a negative mindset can severely affect your outlook in life. It does not matter if you are the most knowledgeable and skilful person, but underestimating your true potential can hurt you. This self-limiting belief will make you deprive of what you can truly achieve. However, if you keep your mind open and gain a substantial amount of faith, the sky is the limit.  

6. You gave up too easily on the passion

Learning new knowledge, skills and attitude in your passion pursuit is intensive and demanding. The experimentation, trial and error, can take a toll on you and henceforth make you feel overwhelmed. You throw in the towel, even without trying hard enough and long enough. The incubation period for the passion to develop was too short for any miracles or magic to take place. 

Therefore, with all the barriers right in front of you, how then do you break the barrier? How can you get through the barrier and live a life filled with passion? Your passion could be being an artist, or a physical trainer, or even fixing an old car. You do not have to run away from your family; job or career to pursue it, but searching for passion requires something meaningful, something bold, and something extra-ordinary. Just dive into the ocean, and you will learn how to ride the waves.

These barriers help you understand the reasons why you are holding back or remain at status quo in your pursuit of searching for your passion. By breaking the walls, you can gain personal satisfaction, grow your relationships, and share your success with others. Therefore, break those walls of fear and conquer the world!

Wearing a mask
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