If you watch T.V. chances are you heard about Jason Mesnick, the Seattle dad in search of true love. You probably know that he picked Melissa, but then changed his mind and dumped her in front of millions for Molly.

It is safe to say that Jason has gotten more than his 15 minutes of fame, well, maybe more like fifteen days. Other bachelors and bachelorettes had their chance before, but what in the world happened to them?

Before Jason there was DeAnna Pappas. Do you remember her? She let Jason propose, just so that she could break his heart for prime time. DeAnna and Jesse (the one she picked) announced their big Greek wedding, which was to happen May 2009, but as most of you know she changed her mind and ended the relationship with Jesse.

Deanna was rejected by bachelor Brad Womack, are you seeing a pattern here? He got cold feet during the rose ceremony and let DeAnna shocked and lonely; another bachelor who failed to find true love in front of the cameras.

And do you remember the British bachelor, Matt Grant? He charmed the ladies with his accent and stole the heart of Shayne Lamas, the beautiful blond, daughter of Lorenzo Lamas, the renegade? The couple moved together, but it did not last long, a few months later Matt moved out of Shayne's apartment leaving their relationship in limbo. Thankfully, the limbo was soon replaced by facts, and a new reality. Only a month after Matt's sudden move the couple made their break up public.

How about Travis Stork? I bet you remember this one. He is one of the most famous of all bachelors; you can find him in the T.V. hit "The Doctors". Travis had fallen in love with Sarah Stone. Well, fallen in love is probably an overstatement that all bachelors and bachelorettes use over and over. To our surprise, really? They broke up before the last episode of the Bachelor aired.

I realize that writing this article is going to take me a really long time, so I'll leave it at this. The trend is obvious. So many madly in love young men and women enjoy breaking each other's hearts every year for our viewing pleasure. Is this why we continue to watch shows like "The Bachelor" or"The Bachelorette", or is it perhaps because not all of them ended in break ups?

Next to try her luck at love, again, is Jillian Harris, another beautiful girl from The Bachelor's last season.