Breast Augmentation - plastic vs cosmetic surgery

Your surgery, your choice

Sometimes it can be a tough decision deciding whether or not to proceed with a breast augmentation and further whether or not to seek the services of a plastic surgeon or simply a cosmetic surgeon. There are several factors that need to be considered and one of them is why you want to have this cosmetic surgery performed.  There are endless good reasons why breast augmentation can improve your life; but they need to be coming from a place that is about what you want and not simply what your partner may view as the dominant image of sexuality or trying to compensate for lack of self esteem. 

Why do you want a breast augmentation?

Before contemplating plastic surgery, set aside some time to appreciate yourself and your  shape and form regardless of the size or shape.  It is a worthwhile investment, otherwise your lack of self-esteem is likely to sabotage your satisfaction with the results after surgery. Eat well and exercise and you can feel confident and know that you are doing the best for your health and fitness and the rest will fall into place. Be happy with yourself before surgery and you will be much more likely to enjoy and be satisfied with the final result of your cosmetic surgery!

Breast augmentation: plastic or cosmetic surgeon?

Using a cosmetic surgeon to perform your breast augmentation is one option, however be aware that the training behind a licensed cosmetic surgeon is minimal compared to a plastic surgeon.  You might be constrained by your budget and assume that a cosmetic surgeon would be less expensive than a plastic surgeon due to the differential in skills and experience.  This is not the case however, the prices vary from place to place the price of surgery seems to escalate in accordance with the exclusiveness of the suburb and the skill and experience of the surgeon. In some cases though, you may pay more for a cosmetic surgeon than a plastic surgeon, so do your research and make sure you get what you pay for.

Plastic surgeons have to train for ten years to practice as a surgeon so should you choose this option you will be accessing a wealth of knowledge and experience.  One point to note is to ensure that your plastic surgeon has been practicing cosmetic surgery for several years; there is no point going to see a plastic surgeon who has had the main focus on trauma and injury rehabilitation and has no experience in purely elective cosmetic surgery like breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation: recovery after surgery

The other consideration to take into account is the recovery period. This will be determined by the type of surgery you have. Sub-pectoral insertion of implants has a longer recovery time but results in a more natural looking result - so ensure you have someone to help out for the initial period of recovery after your breast augmentation surgery.  Each surgeon varies with their recommendations but it is standard to avoid underwire brassieres for at least six weeks and avoid lifting the arms above the heads for several weeks. Sleeping is restricted to your back for four weeks at which time you may then enjoy turning to your side for extra comfort.  Should you decide to go ahead with the surgery remember ice packs are a girl’s best friend after your breast augmentation - so stock up girls!