Breast Augmentation Prices

A breakdown of what you pay for

Breast Augmentation Prices vary greatly and are largely dependent on the type of implant you choose to opt for, the level of experience and prestige the surgeon has developed, and the area they are based in. Many cosmetic surgeons have similar rates as plastic surgeons however their prices may vary again according largely to the type of implant you choose.

Round breast implants, commonly favoured by teens and those in their early 20’s, are the least expensive option.  These are often placed above the sub-pectoral muscle during surgery and also have the fastest recovery period.  Anatomical implants, also referred to as ‘tear-drops’ , achieve a much more natural look for breast augmentation and are widely used throughout Europe.  They are a popular choice amongst women who desire an uber-natural look these often being in their later 20’s or women who have experienced deflation in their breast tissue due to breast feeding.

The price of a breast augmentation can be broken up into 3 separate charges:

Breast Augmentation: Surgical Fees

At the time of booking your breast augmentation surgery date you will be require to pay a deposit usually around $1000.00. The balance is payable approximately 10 days prior to the date of surgery and represents the greatest cost of the breast augmentation price for example a procedure costing around $12,000.00 would include approximately a further $8000.00 for the surgeon’s fees. There is also an initial consultation fee which can vary from $100- $250. Check with your surgeon’s policy as it is variable, however some surgeries offer a deduction of the initial consultation fee once you pay the balance if you decide to proceed with the surgery. Remember these costs should include your post-operative consultations of which the first will be around 10 days followed by the 6 week post-operative check-up and another one around the 6 month post-operative period. Following surgery you will be issued with an itemized receipt with which you can claim back any benefits or rebates from your Health Care Fund.

Breast Augmentation prices; Anaesthetist  Fees

You will usually be required to make phone contact with the anaesthetist and settle any fees with your credit card the week before the procedure occurs.  These fees represent a smaller share of the total cost usually being around $1000.00. Again you will be issued with a receipt after the operation to make any relevant claims with you Health Care Fund.

Breast Augmentation prices; Hospital or Day Surgery Specialist Fees

This is the cost to cover theatre and day accommodation fees for inpatient procedures .  It is usually payable on arrival at the hospital/day surgery unit.  Using the example of a $12,000.00 breast augmentation this cost would represent $1800.00 of the total amount for which you will be issued a receipt. They may also take your credit card details to bill you for recommended post-operative medications for which you will be posted a receipt for any relevant health fund rebates you may be able to claim.

Remember that these prices will vary considerably depending on the prestige of the surgery you visit, your choice of surgeon and the choice of implant you ultimately decide on. In addition the costs will vary significantly depending on where you decide to have your surgery.