A Breast Augmentation is a very popular procedure for women in the United States. A Breast Augmentation involves placing a fluid filled device under the natural breast tissue. A Breast Augmentation allows a woman to have firmer and fuller breasts that feel natural.

A Breast Augmentation also will raise the breasts so they do not hang or droop.

The newest method of Breast Augmentation involves injecting the breast implant device through a tiny incision in the belly button. Advanced medical techniques now allow you to have a Breast Augmentation and the only incision will be a tiny one in the belly button area. Even experts will assume that your breasts are real. Of course your newly Augmented breasts are real. Of course behind the real breasts is the fluid filled sac to make your natural breasts firmer, fuller, and not saggy.

Many women turn to Breast Augmentation. The reasons many women are turning to Breast Augmentations is because maybe there breasts are not evenly sized. Maybe the woman breasts are saggy. Women also like the fuller look of their new breasts after they undergo Breast Augmentations. A woman may also want to increase her bust size and a Breast Augmentation will accomplish this if the patient so desires to have larger breasts.

When consulting with a Breast Augmentation doctor he will advise you on the best method for your Breast Augmentation. The options to place the implants are Sub glandular and sub muscular . Sub muscular Breast Augmentation involves placing the implant device under the pectoral muscle. A Sub glandular Breast Augmentation places the breast implant directly behind the breast tissue.

Many doctors prefer to use sub muscular for the implant of the breast implant. A sub muscular Breast Augmentation will take longer for the breasts to heal after surgery but will generally last longer with less side effects down the road such as hardening of the breast. A sub muscular Breast Augmentation will also appear more natural.

The implant devices themselves are usually filled with either saline or a silicone gel. After your breast augmentation it will usually take 2-3 months for your breasts to fully "settle". After the breasts settle they will feel natural.

The silicone used in breast implants is different from the silicone gel that was used in the past. The FDA took silicone gel off the market. There were times it leaked and caused multiple problems for the women who had undrgone breast surgery. The silicone gel used today is a modern version that is more cohesive than the silicone gel used in the past. The silicone gel used today is thicker and not "runny".

As breast augmentation surgeries are getting more common more and more breast augmentation doctors are setting up shop all over the world. After you have researched out breast augmentation doctors then you need to narrow them down by finding women who have used them for previous breast augmentation surgeries. Talk with past patients to see what they thought of the doctor and his staff as well as if they were happy with the results of their breast augmentation.

Image Credit: (Flickr/Scootie)