Can Breast Cancer Bracelets Make a Difference?

You have probably seen the small pink breast cancer bracelets that people wear and may wonder what these bracelets mean and does wearing them help to make a difference. The answer is a 100 times, YES. The profits and proceeds from all the sales of breast cancer bracelets will go to help find a cure for this form of cancer. So every time someone makes a purchase of one of these breast cancer bracelets, they are making a difference. These are real cheap bracelets, so buy more than one and now that the money you are spending is going to help women all over the world.

Where Can I Get Breast Cancer Bracelets?

The great thing about these breast cancer bracelets is that one can pretty much get them everywhere. They have had such a huge success and people every where are getting on board. It is not often that we can do something nice for someone just by making a simple purchase. This is what you can do when you choose to buy some of these bracelets. What a great feeling it is to know that the couple dollars you just spent is going a long way when it comes to medical research. There are various different organizations that sell breast cancer bracelets, and all of these origination have the same goal in mind and that goal is to find a cure and put an end to breast cancer once and for all. Some of these organizations can be found by looking in your local phone book. You will want to look under women health groups and organizations, the names of these places may vary from state to state, but will all be under the same heading in your phone book.

Another places that you can buy these breast cancer bracelets is through various places online as well. Cyberspace has pretty much everything these days, the first place to look could be at Amazon. Amazon offers them in bulk as well, so you could actually help to sell them in order to raise even more money for this cause. Maybe there is a local event going on and you would be to help by selling these breast cancer bracelets. There is also a wonderful site online called PinkRibbon Shop. This whole site is dedicated to the awareness of breast cancer and things that people can do in order to help fight the battle against this form of cancer.

Who Should wear Breast Cancer Bracelets?

Anyone who cares about a woman in their life. Breast cancer affects 1 out every 10 women, and as well know the sad truth is at this point in time there is no cure for it. This is why everyone should get one of these bracelets and show support for the brave and courageous women who have won the battle of breast cancer. October is also known as breast cancer awareness month, so you will often see many people sporting these cute pink bracelets during that time of year. In all reality though you do not need to wait to October to show your support for breast cancer, why not grab one today. I am sure there is probably a woman in your life, be it your mom , your wife, your sister, and they would love to see you supporting a cause that may one day affect them. Buy one, or buy 100 but you can take comfort in knowing that the proceeds will be going to help medical research in hopes to one day find a cure for this horrible disease.

How did Breast Cancer bracelets come about?

The phenomenon of wearing pink bracelets as a hope to raise public awareness all actually started with Lance Armstrong. Lance Armstrong who is a cancer survivor, also knew that he had the public attention due to his success as a professional athlete. During one of his many tour -de- france tours, he wa spotted wearing one of these bracelets. At the time these were not common, and he was wearing

a bracelet that drew attention to him. The bright and colorful bracelet had done the trick, and this was the start of using colorful bracelets such as the pink breast cancer bracelets in order to raise awareness and in efforts to find a cure.

Breast cancer is something that effects millions of people every year and anything we can do to help end the suffering should be seen as a blessing. While this may seem small to many, it is a great step in the right direction.