The chemotherapy therapy treatment that is given for breast cancer is usually undertaken for a variety of reasons. The extent of the treatment will depend on how advanced the cancer has become. It can also be used as a treatment before surgery if the tumor in the breast is too large for surgery. Breast cancer chemotherapy can effectively shrink the size of the tumor and make it possible for surgery to be successful.

It can also be used after a surgery to prevent cancer from returning. This has proven to be very effective when compared with women who did not receive the chemotherapy treatment after their surgery.

While all chemotherapy is important, it is very important for the treatment of patients whose cancer has spread to other parts of the body. This is called metastatic breast cancer. Patients who are in this condition need an aggressive treatment to rid the body of the cancer. The medications that are used and the frequency of the treatments will depend on how much the cancer has spread.

The side effects of chemotherapy can be quite debilitating. It is quite possible for a patient to return to their daily life while they are undergoing treatments for breast cancer. Work can be resumed, but the treatments should scheduled so that the side effects don't interfere with your ability to work. Talk with the doctor about the effects that you are experiencing and there may be some medications that you can take to alleviate the nausea and vomiting that you might have. Some of the side effects that you might experience while you are undergoing chemotherapy treatments are:

• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Fatigue
• Hair Loss
• Mouth Sores
• Changes In The Menstrual Cycle
• Bleeding or Bruising

Science doesn't fully understand the effects of chemotherapy on a woman's reproductive system, but there are definite side effects. Some women will begin to go through an early menopause because of the treatments that they are receiving. However, many women go on to have a completely normal return to their cycle and some even have children after successfully treating breast cancer.

Breast cancer chemotherapy is an effective weapon in the fight against cancer. It is important that women explore all of their options to rid themselves of this devastating disease. The doctor will discuss all of your treatment options when you have your consultation. Early detection is the first step to beating the illness. You should make sure that you have your regular checkups with your doctor and do self exams at home in between doctor's appointments