Breast Cancer is a cause that everyone can identify with.  It is the second most common form of cancer, behind prostate cancer, but it is more destructive than prostate cancer.  Breast cancer will affect 1 in 8 women in their lifetime.  It affects a part of the women that affects how they see themselves and how others see them.

Some of the causes of breast cancer are easy to eliminate in a woman’s life.  A woman can watch her weight, or limit her alcohol intake.  This will help her to lower the risks.  But risk factors like family history, growing old, having your period before age 12, or having too much radiation because of another disease are out of a woman’s control. 

But breast cancer is not something that can be avoided.  Those with lots of risk factors may not ever get it, but others with no risk factors, besides be a woman and growing older may come down with breast cancer. 

Early detection is the best way to survive breast cancer.  If caught early, the survival rate of breast cancer is 98%.  If not detected early, it is only 23%.

Regular self examinations are a must.  Learn to do a self-examination.  Do it enough that you know what will feel normal.  Some women may have breasts that feel lumpy as a matter of course, so knowing that in advance will help you not to be worried by some lumps, but will help you find the ones to be worried about.

After the age of 40, you should be treated by a doctor and make regular visits to have the recommended tests to make sure that if you have breast cancer, it is detected as early as possible.

Susan G Komen Foundation

The Susan G Komen Foundation is a group that is dedicated to eliminating breast cancer by using science to find a cure.  They have established a group that is in a position to give grants and other help to promising lines of research around the world.  Applications for help undergo a peer review process, so the medical researchers receive grants of money for genuine reasons, and not because of political or personal contacts. 

The Foundation is also trying to improve the plight of the people suffering from breast cancer.  Grants are also provided to individuals suffering with breast cancer, and to groups trying to make the process of breast cancer detection and treatment better for everybody, concentrating on those with limited access to health care.  Knowing that early detection is the key to survival, trying to find ways for all to have access to early tests is a key tool in the fight.

They also sponsor running events across the US to raise awareness and funds.  These runs bring out those who have survived breast cancer so we can celebrate their winning the fight, and help us to understand just how common this disease is.

Susan G Komen Foundation Breast Cancer Run FundRaiser Event(61226)

Since their beginnings in 1982, they have raised and distributed more than $1.9 billion, making them the largest nonprofit group in this fight.  

If this is a cause dear to you, the Susan G Komen Foundation may be able to aid you in finding ways to volunteer.  Helping can be something as small as just visiting a run near you and running or volunteering.  You can check on being more involved.  Again, this is a disease that will affect 1 in 8 of women.  That means someone you know will have this.  We should all be aware of this disease, and the effects on those we love.