Baby bottle

To make breast milk jewelry you will need the following materials:

*An electric or manual pump to pump some milk out.  All you need is a half an ounce



*Chain to add the pendant to

*Bail to attach the pendant to the chain


*Small pan

*cheese cloth

To make breast milk jewelry, you will first need to turn your milk into a plastic.  If you remember from your school years, cow's milk has enough casein in it, if you boil it and put it through a cheesecloth, you can turn it into plastic.  This works the same way with breast milk as well. You will need about a half an ounce of the milk and equal parts of vinegar.  Start by boiling both parts in a small pan until it starts to separate and thicken.  You will then want to run the mixture through a cheese cloth to separate it and save the thickest parts.  Shape this mixture into whichever shape you wish and place it in the freezer for 5-10 hours. You will notice it starting to harden.  Check the plasticized milk before you remove it from the fridge to make sure it is completely hard and won't crumble.  It is an amazing process and turns out beautifully!  After you make your plastic out of breast milk, you will want to encase it in resin to keep it safe. You can buy any time of resin to make this pendant but just make sure it is clear so you can see the plasticized milk through the resin.  You will also need a mold.  Check out your local craft stores to find the shape you wish to use.   They have many different shapes depending on what shape you would like your pendant to be.  Place your plasticized milk into a mold and pour the resin on top of it.  Allow the resin to cure for 24-48 hours before removing it from the mold.  Attach the bail onto the charm so you can easily attach your chain.  I like to use e6000 glue, which is a glue specifically meant for resin jewelry.  However, I know super glue works just as well.  You can put the pendant on a necklace or a bracelet and wear as a beautiful keepsake.  Please note that it is normal for the milk to yellow a bit as it is a naturally occurring process.

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These jewelry pieces also make a wonderful gift for any mom who is nursing their child.  A unique handmade gift like this is one that a mother will cherish for the rest of her life.  There is no greater love than a child's love.