Breast petals are the pasties for the new millennia! In decades past it seems only strippers wore nipple stickers. Today, the wide ranges of nipple covers are both fun and functional and appeal to a wider range of woman for many different reasons. The primary purpose of breast petals is strictly cosmetic, but they also have a very practical side.

The use of nipple petals for keeping up appearance is very common. Let's face facts, not many women enjoy broadcasting to the entire world how cold it is! These adhesive pasties can let women feel like they are not walking thermometers. But they are not just for cold. Many women choose to go braless while wearing plunging necklines or other sexy clothing, but still don't want to reveal anything. This is the perfect use for breast petals. Hollywood stars have been using them for years to look sexy, but not show through their dress or blouse.

Breast PetalsThe practical use for nipple stickers is to stop sensitivity. Many women suffer from sensitivity and painful nipples from menstruation or after childbirth. Runners and other fitness buffs use them under sports bras as well to stop chafing and rubbing during workout routines. This barrier is quite effective. The strong adhesives will keep them in place during the hottest days and most vigorous workouts. Many of the types are able to stay in place even during swimming!

Where once only available in the shadier parts of a city, today breast petals are sold at many retailers. They are available in skintones or patterns like leopard print. Depending upon how often they will be used a woman can opt for disposable or reusable nipple covers. The reusable ones are generally made from silicone and are normally washable. They are available with and without adhesive. The disposable kind is usually made from a flexible vinyl or plastic. The centers are padded and most do not have adhesive in the center. They also come in hypoallergenic varieties for those with sensitivities to certain materials. The great thing is they are generally one size fits all so there are few worries about coverage and concealment issues.

The days of Band-Aids or other home remedies are long past. These covers are cute and often come shaped like a flower (hence the name). Easy to apply and remove and trusted to stay put throughout the day and into the night, it is little wonder that more and more women are using them. If they are not available locally, there are an amazing selection of breast petals available online and they can be shipped easily and cheaply straight to your door.

Whether for fun, to prevent irritation, or to just allow sheer blouses to still leave something to the imagination, today's breast petals are waiting to be discovered. Check out the full line of stickers and try some for yourself. They are handy and easy to store and carry. The women of today are confident and bold and the use of nipple covers is no longer relegated to the gentlemen's club scene. From boardroom to bedroom, these covers can help any woman and gives her peace of mind.