Breast swelling can be cause by many different factors. Swelling of the breasts commonly occur sin pregnant women. Breast swelling is usually attributed to one of three factors. Swollen breasts may be a sign that the woman is pregnant, going through puberty or a medical problem.

If a woman is not pregnant and not going through puberty then swollen breasts may be a sign of something wrong although women may experience breast swelling during their menstruation cycle. Swollen BreastsExperiencing breast pains and swelling of the breasts is very common in women during their monthly menstrual cycle.

A woman entering into menopause commonly experience discomfort in the breasts due to swelling of the breasts.

A woman who is breastfeeding a child may experience much discomfort and swelling of her breasts.

Breast swelling can and will happen if a woman elects to under go a breast augmentation. The duration of the breast swelling is determined by many factors including the method of breast augmentation chosen.

A sub muscular placement of the breast implant device will lead to more swelling and longer delays in healing of the breasts after breast augmentation surgery. The other method of the fluid sac placement during a breast augmentation surgery is called a sub glandular placement. Sub glandular is where the fluid filled sac is placed directly below the breast tissue. A sub glandular breast augmentation will allow your breast too heal a lot faster with less breast swelling lasting a lot shorter of time than a sub glandular placement of the breast enhancement fluid sac.

If you are experiencing breast pain from swelling then you should find a comfortable bra that you can wear not only during the day but also at night time when you sleep. A sports bra may be an option for your swollen breasts. By wearing a comfortable bra while you sleep it will allow your breasts to be supported while you sleep which usually eases some of the swelling and allows the woman to sleep much better with her swollen breasts supported by a bra while she sleeps at night.

Men also experience swollen breast and breast pain but it is usually much less common in men. Many times medical professionals may mistake male breast swelling for Gynecomastia.

Some women will experience a monthly onslaught of painful breast swelling that occurs right before their monthly menstrual cycle begins. If you experience pain in your breasts before your menstrual cycle consult your medical doctor. Sometimes there is not much they can do but they may recommend Ibuprofen or some other non-narcotic type of pain reliever to help ease the breast pains your are experiencing from the swelling of your breasts.

If you have undergone a breast augmentation you may experience breast swelling and pain for 2-3 months after your breast augmentation surgery until your newly enhanced breasts fully "settle". If pain and swollen breasts persist after three months then make sure you tell your doctor about it who performed the breast augmentation surgery to enhance your breasts.