Breast Tumors are very common. A woman who discovers a breast lump needs to get to a doctor as soon as possible to have the breast lump checked by an experienced doctor. A Breast Tumors may be benign which means the Breast Tumor is non cancerous. A breast tumor may also be cancerous. Only a doctor can decide if a breast tumor is cancerous or non cancerous.

It is much better to have a doctors diagnosis of a benign breast tumor as opposed to a cancerous breast tumor but a benign non cancerous breast tumor can still cause much irritation and discomfort to the woman with the non cancerous breast tumor.

The vast majority of breast lumps that are found are eventually diagnosed as non cancerous.

Cancerous breast lumps in men have occurred but are generally considered very rare for man to be diagnosed with a cancerous breast tumor. If you are a male and do feel a lump you should definitely go to the doctor and have it examined.

Women should have a mammogram annually regardless of age. Breast cancer has stricken women of all ages. Even elderly women should get an annual mammogram. Over half of all cancerous breast tumors discovered are in women who are aged 65 or older.

Many times a woman's breast lump is discovered by her sex partner or husband. Your spouse should be familiar with your breasts and if he feels something out of the ordinary then he should tell you Breast Tumors and Breast Cancerimmediately so you can get into a doctor to have your breasts examined for breast tumors.

Of all the various cancers in the world breast cancer is very common for women, Out of all the women who are diagnosed with a form of cancer over 10 percent of the cancer diagnosis are for breast cancer.

A lump in the breasts is usually the first indication to a woman that something may be wrong. It is imperative that you feel for a lump on a regular basis. When you shower take the time while washing you breasts to feel for any abnormalities. At the first sign of a possible breast lump get to the doctor and have it checked out. The sooner you catch your breast lump the better. There are 5 stages of breast cancer. If the doctors treat your breast cancer while in stage one then your chances of success are extremely high. If you do not go to the doctor soon enough and your breast cancer has advanced to stage 5 then your chances of survival are extremely slim.

Check regularly for breast lumps. If those breast lumps turn out to be cancerous breast tumors then you will have a lot higher survival rate.

Cancerous breast tumors are very common in women. A woman needs to be checked regularly for breast tumors that may or may not be cancerous. Cancerous breast tumors lead to many deaths that did not need to occur of the woman would have either been checked regularly for breast cancer or upon discover of a breast lump immediately go to the doctor for medical exams instead of procrastinating. (Photo Credit: (Flickr/kyliebalogh)