When I breastfed the first few weeks I found that it can get really challenging and breastfeeding  positions lying down can make things easier. I also found breastfeeding while lying down helps at night since you can continue to rest while breastfeeding. If you decide to take on breastfeeding positions lying down there are a few things that you will need: firm mattress, pillows and a baby blanket rolled up.to put behind baby so.they dont roll away. Now im going to give you some tips for breastfeeding while lying down. When I was nursing I found that it helps to put a pillow behind your back for comfort. 

Pillows are also great for under your head and between your legs. I highly recommend that you get someone to help you the first few times. Try to rest your weight on the pillows so you don't put too much strain on your lower back and hips. My second tip is to place your baby on their side so they are facing you with your nipple in line with his nose. So if you chose to breastfeed from your right breast you should be lying on your right hand side. 

When you are nursing you should pull your little one's feet in close so that they are touching you, so that you and him form a V shape together. You should take your free hand that is not supporting your baby to guide your breast into baby's mouth. Once they get older your baby will begin to do this themselves. Keep in mind that you should not flex the baby's neck back too far because this will just make it more difficult for him to swallow. Now once your baby has taken your breast into their mouth push his shoulders in towards you. 

Then take a rolled towel or blanket and wedge behind the baby's back so they can't move. You can place your free arm under baby's head or keep your arm free. Once you've latch baby on to your breast if it feels painful you could just gentle detach and try again. If you start to feel frustrated when you can't get your baby to latch on you should forget about breastfeeding positions lying down until your baby becomes a little more experienced at breastfeeding. The one thing you can never forget is to allow your baby freedom of head movement so that they can unlatch if they have difficulty breathing for any reason.