Airport Breastfeeding Options

Mothers who are committed to breastfeeding their babies are often proud to do so and love having that special bond with their little bundle of joy.  Flying, however, can make breastfeeding a bit more complicated.  The following is a summary of major airports in the US and any special facilities they may have for nursing mothers, based on information provided by the airports and my personal traveling experience.  If you have experience nursing while traveling through these or other airports not listed, leave a comment!

Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport: There are signs that identify the restrooms which have a private nursing area.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport: Contact their customer service department at 404-209-2920 and they will make arrangements to provide a private room for nursing mothers. After regular business hours, dial 1-800-897-1910 or 404-530-7300.

 Boston Logan International: Family restrooms contain changing stations and rooms for nursing mothers.

Charlotte Douglas International: Every woman’s bathroom has a nook with a changing table and a bench to sit on while nursing; these spaces are more private in some restrooms than others.

Chicago - O’Hare International: Travelers Aid in Terminal 2 is available to find private accommodations for nursing mothers.  They can be reached at 773-894-2427.

Port Columbus International Airport: Family restrooms are located throughout the airport.

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport: Family restrooms are located throughout the airport.

Denver International: There are a number of “unisex” restrooms located throughout the airport that can be used by nursing mothers. 

Detroit Metro Airport: Family rest rooms are available in both terminals.

Dulles International:  Baby changing stations are available in both men's and women's rest rooms at most locations.  A unisex companion care restroom is provided next to the public restrooms at many locations.

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport: Family restrooms are located in Terminal 1, Terminal 4, and the Rental Car Center.

Fort Meyers (Southwest Florida International Airport): There are private Companion Care restrooms near the public restrooms in the main terminal and on the concourses.

Hartford (Bradley International Airport): Family restrooms are located throughout the airport.

Kansas City International Airport: Family restrooms are located throughout the airport. 

Los Angeles International: There are several private nurseries located at LAX in Terminal 1, Terminal 2, Terminal 5, and the Tom Bradley International Terminal.

Minneapolis - St. Paul International Airport:  The airport's Family Center includes a family restroom, comfortable seating, a rocking chair and a crib.  The facility is located near the entrance to Concourse E.  The Nursing Mothers Room  is a private room for mothers who wish to nurse a baby or express breast milk.  To get access, nursing moms should go to the Travelers Assistance desk across from Gate C12. The assistant will provide you access to the room, located at the north end of the Concourse Connector above the C rotunda food court and near the elevators.

Nashville International Airport: Family restrooms are located throughout the airport.

Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport: Family restrooms are located throughout the airport.

Orlando International Airport: Companion care restrooms are located throughout the airport.

Philadelphia International Airport: Family restrooms are located throughout the airport.

Portland International Airport: All public men's and women's restrooms have changing tables. There is no mother's lounge in the airport but the women's restroom near Gate D1 now includes a wooden bench for nursing mothers. Many of the newer restrooms on Concourse C also have benches that can be used for nursing.  If you'd like a private room for nursing pre-security, please stop by the Conference Center (M-F, 8 am to 5pm), and they'll find you a room at no charge on a space available basis.

Reagan National: There are companion care restrooms pre-security. 

Sacramento International Airport: Private family restrooms are located in Terminal A.   

San Antonio International Airport: There are family restrooms throughout the airport that have locks, electrical outlets, a strapped seat for toddlers and a baby changing station.  

San Diego International: Family assistance restrooms are located throughout the airport.

San Francisco International: Private nursery rooms are available pre and post-security in Terminals 1, 2, and 3. Use Airport Courtesy Phones to request access.

Mineta San Jose International Airport: There are several nursing rooms in Terminal B.  Family restrooms are also located in both terminals.

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport: There is a childrens' play area on the A Concourse and attached to this area is a Mother's room for nursing or pumping mothers. In addition every concourse has family restrooms; these are large one room restrooms that have electrical outlets and locks.

Lambert-St. Louis International Airport: Family assisted restrooms are located throughout the airport. 

Tampa International Airport: Companion restrooms with a chair are located throughout the airport.