I rest well, I sleep peacefully, and I awake with joy. - Louise Hay

"I used to worry a lot, and used to watch T.V. shows until late in midnight, until i dozed off. In the morning, I woke up late, and always late at the office. I didn't have proper sleep."

Then I hit a Bipassana Centre, a meditation centre at Budhanilkantha, to help learn relaxation techniques and cure my sleeping disorders.

We were asked to sit in a warm, white cloth. We could wear blankets to keep us warm, but we were not allowed to doze off.

"Focus on your breathing, and notice the inhale and exhale of it."

Feel the sensation, and after three to five minutes, we were already in much of a calmer mind. Although we did this throughout the day, and hour or 30 minutes a day is sufficient. We have other things to do as well that needs our attention.

The healing benefits of simple breathing

  1. Calms your mind.
  2. Helps you become more aware of our breathing.
  3. Makes your breathing deep and complete.
  4. Lets’ blood circulate to your brain.
  5. Helps you balance your life because breath is the most vital anchor point. Without it, nothing exist for us. So proper breathing techniques helps us feel relaxed, comfortable on our own skin, and as a result, be more content and happy.
  6. It also allows to quiet our mind. Though it's impossible to quiet our mind, we will soon learn to surpass it and return back to our anchor point, the breath.

How to do Breathing Exercise ?

  1. First of all, sit relaxed on a thick, warm mattress.
  2. Fold your legs.
  3. Put your hand on your legs so that it rest there.
  4. Sit straight with your spine straight, otherwise, you will soon fall asleep.
  5. Now, take a deep, long breath. Hold it for a few seconds, and release any tensions. Hold all your dreams, aims.
  6. Take another long breath and release any tension and fears from every fiber of your being.
  7. Now, for the next 30 minutes, you can just follow your breath.
  8. Follow your breath, a whole complete cycle.
  9. If you are successful, do this for the next cycle, and as much cycles you can.
  10. If you find yourself wondering, gently return back to your breathing and do the following exercise.

While doing this exercise, I realized that my thoughts wonder because we have been thinking about everything since we were a young child. When you realize that you were thinking, just watch it, and release it. Don't react to it. Don't do anything to it. Just watch it until it disappears. And gently return to your anchor point, breathing.

The more you return back to breathing, the more you realize that you thoughts keep on popping. Soon you will realize that you cannot control your thoughts, they just keep coming and going. But one thing you will learn that you will not get attached to those thoughts. You will surpass them, and gently return to your breathing exercise and in the present moment.

With this exercise, after a month or so, you will have sufficient strong pathways so that you no longer need to pay attention to your roving mind. You will never feel overwhelmed, excited, nervous because you have already mastered the art to gently returning to your anchor point.