Drivers are forced to carry breathalyzer kits when travelling around France

From July 1st 2012 it has been made compulsory to carry a breathalyzer kit in the car when travelling in and around France. 

France has strict drink driving laws with blood alcohol levels being stricter than the UK. The current in the UK being 0.8 as opposed to 0.5 mg/ml in france. This equates to 2 x 12cl glasses of wine for an average man weighing 11½ stones.

France also has a no tolerance policy if you're stopped and prove positive for any drug substances. The penalty for this - loss off licence. 

The test will enable drivers to test themselves or give them the means to test others they are travelling with if they have any suspicions. 

Motorists have been advised to have at least two breathalyzer in any one car, allowing drivers to produce one on demand if the other needs, or been used (an offence not to have a working test). Anyone driving in france is already required to carry a warning triangle and a fluorescent safety jacket incase of breakdown.

With many British anglers travelling to France for its World famous Carp fishing lakes and rivers, it is mandatory that you add a breathalyzer to your carp fishing tackle check list. Some of the best and most sought after fishing is found right in the heart of the country, with fish of huge masses being landed. 

Each year, lake fish  can be caught in access of 60lb, something which most carp fishermen can only dream of - but some who travel and put their mind to it usually find landing  a dream fish like that is easier than first anticipated. But, with a huge demand for 'pegs' from carp anglers, not just from the UK but all over the World, the lakes with the most prestigious inhabitants are booked many years in advance. 

Carp in the rivers are usually much harder to find - flow speed and bottom contours dictate where the most amount of food will be found - we all know carp are not fussy and the more food, the better!

Carp fishing trips don't seem so bad though, when the angler of the family is out chasing their quarry the rest of the family can enjoy the surrounding areas! Most carp fishing lakes are transformed into holiday complexes - with activities on-site or near by. 

Have you got your Brethalyzer kit?