It is of no wonder that various places in Paris have attracted millions of tourists every year. This city boasts a lot of historical places that make visitors in awe. Monuments, museums are to name a few. Walking along the downtown of Paris will bring unforgettable experience as you can take a look at those incredible buildings with artistic exterior.

However, with all those attraction, there are ‘only’ some places which really stand out among the others. The main icon is surely Eiffel Tower. As one of the most famous monuments in the universe, Eiffel Tower has its own splendor. It has its own artistic touch that makes Eiffel Tower unforgettable. Its remarkable view is becoming the main attraction in Paris.

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Paris is also famous with Arc de Triomphe. When visiting this place, you can see lots of incredible scenery of the whole city of Paris. This place shares excellent interior and exterior. Make sure you don’t miss visiting this fantastic spot as it can bring out everlasting memory.

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Art lovers will be pampered with the great architecture of Centre Pompidou. This is the place where enthusiasts of modern art gather. Everything in this place is surely for art lovers as it can be stated as the paradise of art. Take the whole member of your family here as all of you can enjoy those art shows like films, operas, dramas, concerts, and many more. This is the place for spending a great vacation with the whole family.

Centre PompiduoCredit: place for art lovers is Louvre Museum. Established in the 1700’s, it sparkles from the exterior itself. This museum is surely one of the best in the world in which you can see lots of legendary paintings like Mona Lisa and other incredible masterpieces of Leonardo da Vinci. You can also enjoy the beauty of other art masterpiece like sculptures and other remarkable art collections from centuries ago

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Well, for science lovers, make sure you visit Cite des Sciences at de l’Industrie. This museum has plenty of interesting features in which it brings out some exhibitions related to science. You can explore all you need to know about science.

This interactive museum has plenty of exhibits to help pass your time in the city. Many of the hands-on entertainment explore the depths of various branches of science and technology, such as biology down to anatomy.

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