A Great Quarterback at a Great Age

        Can you imagine getting chased down and sacked by a monster-like man over 500 times, 516 times to be exact while playing football, risking even more injuries than you have already accumulated, and wanting to continue playing? Brett Favre was born in Gulfport, Mississippi and was the second of four kids. He grew up playing sports all of his life, but stuck mostly to baseball and football.  He played for Hancock North Central High School, where his father was the football coach. Favre didn’t always play quarterback either, he also played lineman, strong safety, place-kicker, and was the punter as well. After completing high school, Brett was offered only one scholarship, to Southern Mississippi, where they wanted him to play defensive back, but he wanted to be a quarterback, and got a spot as the seventh string quarterback. In the second half of the third game he had finally earned the starting spot, and led the team to a victory.

        In 1991, Favre was drafted into the NFL by the Atlanta Falcons, for a 1.4 million dollar contract. After his first season here, Brett was traded to the Green Bay Packers, where he played a total of 16 seasons. In early March of 2008, Brett Favre announce he would be retiring after his season with the Green Bay packers, but in July of 2008 during an interview, Favre said that he was never fully committed to retiring, and in August of that year he reinstated with the New York Jets.  At the end of this season, his 18th overall, Favre called it quits and the Jets released him from his contract.  In 2009, Favre once again thought he hadn’t had enough of the game. He signed with the Minnesota Vikings in August 2009, and is currently still playing with them.

          Last year, Favre had reportedly been in a scandal involving a former New York Jets sideline reporter. He allegedly was sending X-rated voicemails and pictures back and forth with the reporter. Also, Brett is dealing with tendonitis in his elbow currently, and is having trouble keeping his record breaking amount of consecutive games played going.

        To be a great quarterback in the NFL you have to be able to present yourself in certain ways on and especially off of the field. You take a responsibility that nobody else on the entire team takes, and with that responsibility come a huge amount of pressure as well. With all of those things going on, many believe society will remember Brett Favre for his love for the game of football, and all of his hard work that he put into it. Also, I believe society will remember him for how he presented himself outside of football, even in times of adversity.