Check out my new compact juicer. The Breveille bje200xl from Amazon!

I've never been a big fan of juice. It always seemed more expensive than nearly anything else in the cooler section of my grocery store. Sure, I'd have a glass or two if I was out having breakfast, but I just never bought much of it at the store. Now that I'm getting older and concerned about my health, I decided that added juice from fresh vegetables and fruit was important. I researched juicers and finally found one that had rave reviews. The Breville BJE200XL Compact Juicer from Amazon. Here's my review.

The biggest deciding factor for me to buy the Breville was the tons of positive reviews I found online. alone has over 1000 reviews for this juicer and it carries 4 1/2 stars! That's more than any other juicer I was able to find.

I carefully read hundreds of such reviews across the Internet. Many users had bought their juicer years before and were still using them every day. Durability was certainly high on my "must have" list. Another thing I really wanted was a unit that was easy to clean. Many other compact juicers have a reputation for being nearly impossible to clean! Not so with the Breville.

Things I love about the Breville Compact Juice Fountain

For beginners, I absolutely love the 3 inch feed tube. Most of the other juicers had smallish feed tubes. This meant cutting up the veggies and fruit before pushing down the feed tube. This took more time and trouble than I wanted. I like being able to put the whole veggie or fruit in at once.

Another buying point for me was that I didn't need special tools to remove the basket like many other juices. The designers of the Breville Compact Juice Fountain came up with an ingenious way of holding the basket on. With magnets! It's very cool and very sturdy.

I also fell in love with the 1.5 quart container! For a compact unit, it holds a lot of juice. You don't have to stop after every loading of the tube to empty the juice. 1.5 quarts is enough for me and my family at morning breakfast and usually another 1.5 quarts in the evening to mix as smoothies for desert.

As I said above, I also love how easy it is too clean. Over the years one thing that turned me off to other juicers were the horror stories I heard about how difficult they were to clean. I'm a germafobe so I want my appliances super squeaky clean! That's not a problem with this compact juicer.

One pleasant surprise for me was how quiet the unit was. I didn't have to wake up the whole house every morning when I made juice! My family came to appreciate this benefit as well! It comes with a powerful motor that makes short work of anything you drop in. The pulp that comes out is very dry, so you know you're getting the most juice out of the produce you drop in. I like knowing I'm not wasting food!

My only complaint, if you can call it that, is that I can't get large apples into the feed tube whole. I do have to cut these up, but I guess that's more than a nuisance than anything else. I've been surprised at the size of produce that I was able to drop down the feed tube. I just make sure I quarter the larger Granny Smith apples and all is well in my kitchen!

I've known people who have become disgruntled with their juicers and just put them on the back shelf or sell them at a garage sale because of how unfriendly they were to use. I'm happy to report that I love my Breville Compact Juice Fountain and plan on using it every chance I get. It has it's own place on my counter top!