Using a Breville bread maker is a great way to have nice fresh bread in the morning, without staying up all night to make it.

These aren't just for one type of bread either, they will make an assortment of breads; whole wheat, herb, sourdough, and many more. They are simple to use and it only takes a short while before you will become an expert bread maker.

First you'll need to take out the bread pan and wash it with some mild detergent before you use it. This pan is easily removed by pulling on the metal handle attached to it.

After it's washed and dried thoroughly, put in the kneading blade. Once it's been properly inserted, add in the ingredients for whichever bread recipe you are following.

Make sure the liquid ingredients are added first, which should all be at room temperature. The fat and milk should be added first, followed by the sugar and salt, then the yeast placed on top of these ingredients.

After all of these have been added, put in the appropriate amount of flour for the recipe. Once all the ingredients are in the pan, put it back in the bread machine.

There are dials on the machine that allow you to choose which type of bread you want to make. So, close the lid, turn the power on, then choose the appropriate bread setting.

For instance, if you are making a basic bread recipe, then choose 'Basic'. Pick the style of crust desired and hit the 'Start' button.

Don't open the cover until the machine beeps three times and displays the 'Keep Warm' light. Using a pot holder, remove the pan, turn it upside down and empty contents onto a clean cooling rack.

Be sure to take the kneading blade out of the bread if it came out in the loaf. You can now turn off the Breville bread maker, unplug it and let the pan cool before washing.