After going through the positive reviews, I could not stop myself from buying the Breville JE95XL Two Speed Juice Fountain Plus and going by the features I expected this to be almost a perfect juicer at $200. Now, after using this for a couple of months I have come to conclusion that this is definitely good but nothing to boast much about it. This is certainly a value addition for a family that juice a lot regularly and you get for what you pay. As a matter of fact, I find this superior to my old Jack LaLanne and also the Breville JE900.

Armed with 850 watts of power, this Breville juicer can take almost anything and spit out smooth juice unmindful of the load that is this versatile machine can handle both low duty and heavy duty work. I understand that almost all the juicers in Breville make no compromise with power and it is far ahead of Jack. At times Jack Lanne used to stop suddenly in between the process and to have to wait for sometime before hitting the button again. Not only that, in case of Jack, the mesh was not satisfactory and the relatively big sized perforations allowed tiny particles of pulp to get into the juice and it is irritating when they come in the way of sipping a refreshing drink. With Breville JE95XL Two Speed Juice Fountain Plus, the special Italian stainless steel mesh makes sure that only crystal clear juice passes out and to top it the jug also has a foam separator to avoid any cloudiness in the fruit juice.

The white exterior of the Jack got stained after six months of use and the Breville JE95XL comes with a dark casing so this does not get discolored. By the way, if you intend to use it making carrot juice, then it best to wash it immediately after use. Cleaning is a cinch and there is no need to detach the blade after every use. Just like the Breville JE900, the JE95XL also has 3 inch wide feeder tube and this allows fruits and veggies to be introduced directly without chopping, saving time. However, it cannot pass big sized apples.

Main feature that makes the JE95XL stands out from the JE900 is that is that it comes with 2 speed electronic control. That is, at low speed this can be used to with soft and squashy fruits like grapes, tomato and berries and at high speed for hard core fruits and carrots. Advantage of this 2 speed control is that unlike the JE900, the soft fruits are not thrown out and as it runs in low speed, they are handled gently. Still, it does not extract the juices fully and for optimum results I run the juice collected from the jar again so that whatever pulp is left will be juiced again. Similarly, the motor does not blurt out immediately and so the juicer does not vibrate and shake countertop.