There are Breville TR40 Sandwich Presssome kitchen appliances on the market that are simply better in terms of quality, reliability, and value. And as the kitchen appliance market becomes saturated with more players, the chosen few continue to dominate. One of them is Breville TR40 Sandwich Press. It is definitely a superb kitchen essential that housewives really value. Obviously the two main reasons are price and the fact that it is very durable. Also, this kitchen appliance looks great and it is quite simple to use. Another good thing about this home appliance is that it is very economical in the use of electricity, consuming around 200 kWh of power.

Breville TR40 Sandwich Press will be a great addition to kitchen decor. It is brightly-colored and it looks great on any kitchen counter. And do not worry about the design of the kitchen. This two tone sandwich press would look great in a modern or traditional kitchen. This is mainly due to its simple and unique design. Slick metallic frame makes it look thin and its simple shape makes it look more compact. Also, the combination of dark and light color makes it look elegant and beautiful.

Dealing with a limited kitchen counter and cabinet space can be difficult. It seems as if there is never enough room. And every housewife just loves that everything-in-its-place look. This kitchen appliance is small in size and it offers many advantages in sandwich cooking. Breville TR40 Sandwich Press is perfect for small apartments and anywhere with limited kitchen space, but also for dorm rooms and road vehicles.

Breville TR40 Sandwich Press comes with a non-stick flat cooking plates without any grooves in them. The major advantage of this feature is that it toasts both the sides of the bread evenly. This way you can make perfect sandwiches – both sides are golden brown and the cheese is melted.

It has a relatively small cooking surface and can simultaneously prepare two sandwiches. You will save a ton of money compared to the alternative, but you will spend more time cooking. It heats up fast and lets you know when it's ready with a green light. Sandwiches usually take about two to three minutes to cook, but there is no need to rush them. Also, the adjustable top plate can be fixed above the sandwich to melt cheese for open sandwiches. So, if you see how you could benefit from this kitchen appliance, maybe you should consider getting one for your kitchen.