Located at 5121 N. Ravenswood Ave. on Chicago's north side, Metropolitan has been brewing for only a few years. In this short time they have managed to get their beers on tap in a number of different bars and liquor stores throughout the area. They currently brew everything with only four employees and make four different beers. Krankshaft is a German-style Kolsch, Dynamo is a typical copper lager, Flywheel is a bright, easy-drinking lager and Iron Works is a hoppy alt beer. I highly suggest checking out the brewery either through a tour (check their website for scheduling) or by finding some of their great beers somewhere int he Northern Illinois area.

Goose Island

Goose Island has been around for quite some time. The main brewery that they distribute from was recently purchased by InBev but the brewpub locations remain under family control. One of the brewpubs is located in Wrigleyville and the other is located on Clybourn Ave. Goose Island brews a number of specialty beers throughout the year. Check their website to find out when you can enjoy some of the more rare selections they offer.

Half Acre

Half Acre is located at 4257 N. Lincoln Ave. on Chicago's north side. They've been brewing since 2007 and have recently become known for their 4-packs of tall cans. Gossamer, Daisy Cutter and Over Ale are all packaged in 4-packs of tall cans. They offer a number of other brews including some that can only be found on tap throughout the city. They offer tours of their brewery but appointments are difficult to make. I haven't had a Half Acre brew I didn't enjoy so I highly suggest checking them out.

Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom brew-pubs can be found through the United States. In Chicago they can be found downtown on the corner of Grand and State. Their establishment has a 'restaurant' side and a 'bar' side to accommodate different groups. They offer flights of their beers for sampling and typical American food.


Revolution is a brewpub located at 2323 N. Milwaukee Ave. Their lineups change frequently and fortunately so does their website. You can check on which beers are on tap currently. If you're only interested in filling your fridge they do offer growlers.


Piece is a pizza place / brewery located at 1927 W. North Ave. They do not distribute to liquor stores but do offer purchase of growlers of their beer. They frequently change their beer selections and currently offer eight different beers. At least one of their beers has won a top three finish each year since 2002 at the Great American Beer Festival and/or the World Beer Cup.

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