Brick Paver Sealer

What is Brick Paver Sealer?

Brick paver sealer is a liquid or gel that can be applied to brick pavers on a patio, driveway, or roadway that will keep the colors vibrant and block the sun’s damaging effects.  Compared to poured concrete slabs, brick pavers offer a variety of advantages.  The primary selling point is the fact that they are much stronger and more durable than concrete or asphalt, both of which can crack and deteriorate in as little as 1-3 years.  Properly sealed brick pavers can last generations without the maintenance and upkeep required by other materials.  Additionally, brick pavers can be installed and usable in less time than traditional concrete slaps with the added benefit of being able to remove sections of paver to access pipes, or conduit below the surface.  Also, in the event that you do experience a crack, or chip in your brick pavers, replacing only the damaged sections is much more cost effective and less time consuming.  

Reasons To Use Brick Paver Sealer

A properly sealed brick paver can look great and last for decades.  But there is also a host of other benefits that make brick paver sealer an important step for any homeowner.  With the cost of the sealer being quite reasonable, there is no reason not to properly care for your brick pavers.  

Improved Color - Depending on the brick paver sealer you use, you will see somewhere between a subtle and a drastic difference in the color of your paver.  Clear satin sealers will increase the “pop” of the natural colors, whereas glossy coats will really bring out the colors of the brick pavers.  Additionally many people are looking for the wet look that semi-gloss and glossy finishes give.  This feature makes pavers look like new for years at a time, at the same time actually protecting it from the sun.  

Protection From Sun Damage - In southern climates in particular, the sun can do quite a bit of damage to brick surfaces in the form of fading and overall diminishing of quality and aesthetic appeal.  But not only southern pavers are at risk; in northern climates, the use of salt and de-icers can cause similar ill effects to brick.  Brick paver sealer protects pavers from any type of weather corrosion or fading regardless of the location.  

Cost Effective - With the cost of brick paver sealer averaging $20-50 dollars per gallon, it is definitely worth the investment.  Not only will the curb appeal of your property increase dramatically with the glossy finish of a proper sealing job, but your investment in brick pavers will depreciate at a much slower rate saving you money in the long run.  

Weed and Mildew Blocking - Most brick paver sealers also protect the appearance of your driveway or patio from the unsightly growth of weeds and mildew in the joints of your pavers.  Save time and money having to remove them, or paying someone else to move them for you.  

For the minimal cost, brick paver sealer offers one of the highest returns on your investment in your property.