Bricklaying Courses: What They Are

Bricklaying courses can offer much more than just the practical aspects of this type of masonry work. Even though you may already have some experience with stone masonry, a good course will help you be prepared for situations that you haven't come across yet, and equip you with the ability to respond appropriately. The value of these courses may not lie mainly in learning how to work with brick and stone; in fact, for someone focused on career growth, it may lead to other disciplines such as quarrying, manufacturing, engineering, architecture, or other pursuits that you may want to choose as long-term careers. Even if you decide not to stray from bricklaying, additional certification will take you to a higher rate-per-hour bracket, which is one of the points of studying anyway. In addition to this, it will teach you formal methods of materials estimation and supply, and how to read prints like a pro. More advanced courses will also teach you several things about the construction industry that could come in handy in future.

Bricklaying And Masonry: How To Pick The Right Course

There are several good universities that offer courses just for bricklaying as a vocation. When extended to masonry as a whole, the choices increase dramatically. Whether you're looking to upgrade your skills as a bricklayer or you want to expand your knowledge into related domains, there are courses designed just for you. From basic bricklaying to construction management, the range of courses offered is considerable. The Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College (witc dot edu), for example, has a one-year bricklaying and masonry program where you can also learn how to read blueprints and do materials estimation. Institutions like the Pennsylvania College of Technology (pct dot edu) offer Certificates and Associate Degrees in Building Construction Technology. This type of course not only provides the tools for competence in bricklaying, but helps build a basic foundation for career enhancement as well. It will give you a broader view of the industry as a whole, and help you understand where you could fit into the grander scheme of things.

Bricklaying Courses: Online Certification For Bricklayers

For someone with experience, a basic bricklaying course can be done online for about $50 and a Master Mason's course for about $300 or so. Although you might be wondering how on earth you could possibly learn something like this online, the instructional videos that come with such courses give you a first hand view of the actual work from various angles. If you think about it, it's even better than a campus course because you can work at your own pace and rewind whenever you want. Courses such as these normally take 4 to 8 weeks to complete, and you'll get your certification based on certain criteria that will be set. They're much less expensive than full-time campus courses, which may require you to take time off work, and that's almost like going in the opposite direction for a while.

Masonry As A Career: Advantages Of A Formal Education

With an increased demand for homes, commercial and industrial constructions post the recession, opportunities are aplenty. There are several other options if you're highly experienced and qualified – a rare combination for a tradesman. You could even be working on restorations for heritage buildings or some such specialized project if you had a course certificate to back up alls the hours of work you can show. And, if you show initiative and work really hard, you could even move into a supervisory role with a construction company. Most companies would rather hire internally for their management teams. This way they can ensure that the person really knows the company from the bottom up. From there on out, the sky's the limit.