Bricklaying Vacancies: Filling The Gap

If you're a bricklayer searching for work, and you've tried just about every resource you can think of but just can't seem to find any, don't lose hope. There are tons of bricklaying vacancies out there waiting for you if you know where to look. The obvious ones you've probably tried are the want ads in the local newspaper, possibly searched the internet for opportunities, and maybe even tried calling in a couple of favors from friends in the trade. Effective as these are in boom times, there are plenty of other options for you when the pickings are slim.

Bricklaying Vacancies: Create A Visual Profile

Brickwork is something that you can actually show to people as proof of your competence. Create a profile for yourself, listing all the major jobs you've done, adding detailed photographs of your projects, and even giving references. You can also think of printing business cards to hand out to people you meet – whether they need a job done right now or not, you'll be on their contacts list. A professional approach is always worth the extra effort that it takes. When people see a well-prepared profile, they are usually immediately impressed by how seriously you take your work. This often leads to prospective jobs. If you don't think this will work, just try it and see. You might be surprised at the results.

Bricklaying Vacancies: Secrets Of The Internet

The strange thing about the internet is that it hides a lot of information. Not on purpose of course, purely by design. For example, if you searched for 'bricklaying jobs' or 'bricklaying vacancies', you might find a couple of job sites that are helpful and maybe even land a good project. But the real good information usually needs to be dug out or forced out – it's kind of like eating crabs. Using specific search terms, including related words, will get you more valuable information instead of a straightforward search like 'bricklaying vacancies'. Think about how the person posting the job would write it – maybe 'bricklayer wanted' could be a better way to look. Explore all possibilities; leave no stone unturned. Even searching for 'masons wanted', 'brickwork professionals required' might lead you to the perfect job. Of course, you'll need to make lots of phone calls and follow up on anything that looks remotely like it's going to work, so be prepared for that.

Bricklaying Vacancies: Calling Contractors Cold

One good way of finding out if there are any bricklaying vacancies in town is to maintain a list of contractors in your area. They'll all be listed in the yellow pages – the good ones anyway – and no one minds a courtesy call every once in a while from someone offering a relevant service. Don't call too often though, as this is improper business etiquette. You can even call on them at their office, to give a copy of your profile and a business card, so they know where to find you if they need to.

Bricklaying Vacancies: Constructive Optimism

Construction companies will all keep a list of tradesmen that they can call at a moment's notice, or notify of upcoming projects. Make sure that you're on the books of all the companies in your area. If you organize your time well using a wall planner, it's possible to have jobs lined up for a few weeks in advance. You might even get to a point where you're so busy you'll be forced to refuse work, so try to avoid over-booking yourself. A simple monthly planning calendar should help you see what your schedule looks like at a glance, and try to fit in any new projects in the gaps. While you're getting comfortable with your scheduling system, keep on taking photos of your work and adding them to your profile. The fatter the profile, the more impressive it will be.