All About Bridal Health & Weight Loss

Knee-deep in wedding planning,  you may have neglected taking care of the most important aspect of the wedding: you, the bride!  Bridal bootcamp is designed for brides who need to lose weight before their big day.  Your health is much more than just how you look; but also about how you feel!  Learn how to quickly and safely lose weight, while releasing some of that bridal stress.

The Bridal Diet

Based on a diet said to be the most healthiest diet in the world, the bridal diet has its nutritional roots deeply planted in the paleo diet (or caveman diet).  The bridal diet is gluten-free and free of preservatives.   The basic principle to follow is that if the food didn't exist during paleolithic times, then it should not be eaten. 

There are many health benefits to following the bridal diet.  Besides weight loss, brides have reported acne-free skin, loss of allergies, and more energy.  Don't worry about limited food choices.  Doing a simple internet search for "paleo diet recipes" will bring up a whole host of tasty recipes!

The Bridal Workout

During bridal bootcamp, the bride will fine-tune her body with four types of exercises: regular aerobic cardio, high-intensity interval training (or hiit), light strength-training, and stretching.  This combination of exercises turns the body into a mega-fat-burning machine.  In fact, the body will burn nine-times more fat with this fitness regimen as compared to doing just plain cardio alone.

Exercising in general needs to be done five to six days a week.  Both hiit workouts and strength-training should be done two or three days a week.  Never do hiit workouts on back-to-back days.  Stretching should be done everyday for at least ten minutes. 

Managing Bridal Stress

Bridal bootcamp encourages brides to find healthy ways to eliminate stress.  The top recommendation is exercise, and it is encouraged to exercise at the beginning of your day.  Doing so will leave you with long-lasting energy, feelings of well-being, and a neutralized mood that enables you to manage stresses of daily living.

Other recommendations for bridal stress management include setting up weekly venting sessions with the bridal party, delegating your bridal tasks, and automating the wedding planning process when and where applicable.  Be proactive about your health before you blow a bridal gasket!

No matter what your weight loss and health needs are, there are different options available.  You don't have to go it alone.  While you are Superbride, you aren't able to be in all places in one time.  There is all kinds of help available, from your family and friends, to professional businesses designed to take some of the bridal load off of you.