When it comes to the bridal shower, there are a few traditions that you can either choose to embrace, or leave out of your wedding celebrations. The first tradition being that the bridal shower is primarily planned and organized by the Maid of Honor. It's okay to take over, but make sure to check with her first-and not assume it's okay since it's her privilege. If you do plan on organizing your own shower, it's polite to keep her in the loop and updated with e-mails and phone calls so she is still apart of the process.

The second tradition in bridal shower etiquette states that the shower is usually four to six weeks before the wedding. This is for practical reasons however,-the bride will be too busy as it gets closer to the wedding! If the shower is any closer, it needs to be ran by the bride to make sure its possible-usually she will be okay with it if all of the guest can manage to come.

Lately there has been a new trend in bridal showers regarding guests, where nearly everyone the bride knows gets invited! This isn't quite what the tradition of a bridal shower is meant to be, rather it should be small, intimate, and include only the bride's closest friends and family. Proper etiquette consists of anywhere between ten and twenty guests.

So who should be included in the guest list? Well, the wedding party of course, the mothers of the bride and groom, sisters of the bride and groom, as well as the closest friends and/or coworkers. Contrary to some beliefs, it's probably not the best idea to invite every woman invited to the actual wedding.

Lastly, it's important to make a special gesture of including the wedding party and both mothers in the organization process of the shower. This means asking each individual to take on some sort of responsibility, whether it means running games or recording the list of gift givers as the gifts are opened. This practices helps everyone feel like an important part of the bridal shower and the bride's special day!