As we all know planning a wedding can quickly become very expensive. One of the biggest expenses for most people is the dresses. Not only have you got the bride and groom outfits to pay for, but you also need to buy other guest outfits such as the bridesmaid dresses. Which if you plan on having several bridemaids is not going to come cheap.

Bridesmaid Dresses Under 100 DollarsIn today's economical climate were money is tight for most people, expensive bridesmaid dresses just isn't an option. Maybe you have spent most of your allocated budget on your wedding dress and you are left with just a few hundred dollars for the other wedding outfits. If you are on a tight budget, don't worry there are lots of online companies that specialize in bridesmaid dresses under 100 dollars. That's right, you can pick on some stunning dresses for such a small amount of money.

Most of you are probably thinking now, but what is the quality like on these dresses. Well if you shop around and do a little bit of online research before you buy. Then you have got a better chance of picking up an high quality bridesmaid dress that is going to suit you and more importantly your budget.

Lots of people when planning wedding outfits go for the custom made model, not only is this very expensive but it can become a very time consuming job. Visiting all the different shops and getting measured. But did you know that you can buy made to measure bridesmaid dresses for well under 100 dollars. How is this possible, you are probably asking now. Well to cut a long story short. You will be buying theses dresses from places like China and Hong Kong were labor and materials are extremely cheap.

One of the best places online to shop for custom made bridesmaid dresses under 100 dollars is the massive online auction website eBay. eBay has thousands of cheap dresses that are not only cheap, but look fantastic as well. But to ensure that you are going to get yourself an high quality stunning dress at this price, its very important that you read the sellers feedback before you make your purchase.

Another thing to look out for is what is the total price for the dress when you include postage and packing. Some sellers are a little crafty and will list a dress with a buy it now price of just one dollar. Bargain you may be thinking, but this doesn't end up being the case because some sellers will add over one hundred dollars on to this in the postage. So always look at what the total cost is going to be before buying.

Once you have found a bridesmaid dress, that you think is going to look stunning at your wedding and the seller is getting lots of positive feedback. Its time to buy, after you have made your purchase the seller will email you asking for all your bridesmaids measurements. Its very important that all these measurements are accurate. Otherwise the made to measure dress is not going to fit correctly. It would be a good tip for the bride to take all of the bridesmaid measurements, then if there are any mistakes it's down to one person. Which will result in less arguments, amongst the wedding guests which can quickly turn your wedding plans sour.

eBay is just one place online were you can buy bridesmaid dresses for under 100 dollars. There are many more, another one being Amazon. Again amazon is a website were customers can leave online reviews of each product that they purchase. So it go's without saying that you should always buy dresses that not only look stunning on the photo, but are getting lots and lots of positive online customer reviews as well. Most of the dresses found on amazon though, are off the shelve dresses, so if you are wanting cheap made to measure bridesmaid dresses then eBay is going to be your best choice.