Getting married is an enormous production and a lot of work. There are a ton of things that need to be done before the final walk down the aisle for the bride and groom. One of the duties that fall to a wedding party, specifically the bride, is getting bridesmaid gifts. If you need some direction in finding bridesmaid gift ideas you have landed at the right place.

When toiling with ideas for bridesmaid gifts consider several factors.

  • how big is the wedding party
  • how much time is on hand to shop
  • how much is available for spending

All of these factors can effect what gifts are purchased for wedding attendants.

Necklaces for bridesmaid gifts

Necklaces are wonderful bridesmaid gifts and are great for a number of reasons. The advantages of purchasing a necklace for the wedding party bridesmaids is all necklaces come in one size. This is wonderful since all bridesmaids don’t.

Buying a simple pearl necklace or sterling silver chain is a simple yet elegant gift that is well received and appreciated.

One of the best advantages about purchasing any type of jewelry for a bride is asking that the wedding party wear that jewelry for the ceremony. A bride can be assured that everyone in the wedding is uniform in their attire and wearing something that the bride likes and appreciates. There will be no surprises that may displease the bride in this area.

There are not a lot of disadvantages when purchasing this type of bridesmaid gift.  The only drawback may be the cost of some of the necklaces. For an example, a personalized necklace for each wedding attendant can be expensive.

Bridesmaid earrings

Buying a pair of earrings is like purchasing a necklace. It is uniform in nature and size doesn’t matter. A larger wedding party may consider less expensive gifts than smaller wedding parties.

A disadvantage may be finding out some bridesmaids don’t have pierced ears and buying all earring for pierced ears. Cost can also be a factor when buying any jewelry.

Unique bridesmaid gifts

There are several unique bridesmaid gifts available around the web and at brick and mortar retailers. Consider giving bridal attendant gifts of stain glass jewelry boxes. These come in different sizes and colors and can be personalized.

How about a wedding shawl for each bridal attendant? Depending on the dresses worn by the bridesmaids this may be wonderful if matched with dresses for the ceremony. Other unique bridesmaid gift ideas include personalized hangers for clothes or purses. Personalized spa towel wraps, personalized zip up hoodies or makeup and cosmetic bags are very popular.

If money is not an option go with something like a set of ten personalized wine glasses , diamond earrings and necklace set or a rhinestone encrusted tote bag.

Inexpensive bridesmaid gift ideas

Inexpensive bridesmaid gift ideas include simple jewelry more often than not.  There are some other terrific gifts that don’t cost a lot that bridal attendants appreciate. Along these same lines a key ring coin purse or simple clutch is appreciated and used. Inexpensive gifts for the wedding attendants don’t necessarily mean cheap.

Ideas for bridesmaid gifts are extensive and should be well thought out. Show these very special people who chosen to share an important day how much they are appreciated.