bridesmaid checklistWhat an important day, being invited to be a bridesmaid for your freind or familys wedding.

Are you thinking to yourself what sort of checklist do I need to remember to be a good bridemaid for the wedding? If so you have come to the right place.

Below is a four point checklist on the task of being a bridesmaid and things to use that can help you even further at the event. If you are with other bridemaids at the wedding is is a good idea to work together with them as well.

1. ) The Wedding Style - Look at the style of the wedding and adjust your bridesmaid wedding dress, hair, clothes, flowers to suit the other bridesmaids and yourself. Is it a traditional wedding? Or is it a untraditional wedding? Or is it a modern wedding? Or is it a religious wedding? Each of these styles makes a big difference to the situation, the type of jewelry you wear and design.

As a tip, it is always okay to ask other people's opinions of what would suit you and the other bridemaids as well for the occasion.

2. ) The Wedding Bridesmaid Dress - Use a beautiful dress to suit all the other bridemaids as well as yourself. When choosing a bridesmaid dress, making it similar to the other bridesmaids will enhance the style of you all as well as the wedding. As a bonus tip, try not to out do the bride with the dress, remember it is her wedding.

3. ) The Bridesmaid Wedding Hairstyle - Use a style of haircut that suits the other bridesmaids as well as highlighting your own features as well. You may want to go with the Long Bridesmaid Hairstyle, Medium Bridemaid Hairstyle or Short Bridesmaid Hairstyle. Each of which has it's own charm and variety.

When choosing a hairstyle, maybe go with something that all the bridesmaids can agree on together.

4. ) The Location of the Wedding - This is a good factor to add to the occasion. Is it the country? Is it the city or is it inbetween? All these will effect your own style for the bridemaid as well as the place the wedding is held. Is it in a church or is it outdoors ( where is it )?

Try to match your location as much as possible is a great tip for this step.

As an example, if it is in the country with lots of green around, then green in your outfit will suit well. This can include your hair tye to suit the situation as well. The ideas are almost endless.

( Image Source : The image above shows an example of some bridesmaids all in sync with there dresses and charm. )

Extra things or aspects to Consider in using being a Bridesmaid. All of these totally depend on the wedding, so use what is give below as a option and not a need to do.

1. ) Buy lots of matching flowers

2. ) Some nice matching perfume

3. ) Hairtyes for you hair

4. ) Matching Shoes

In the end a wedding is an occasion for all should enjoy, including the bridesmaid, so have fun on the day and I hope all goes well.