For men, preparing a wedding outfit is a very simple task. A neat tuxedo, white shirt, the only decision there is to be made is whether to wear a tie or a bow-tie. Things get more difficult when a woman has to decide on a wedding dress. However, because the general idea for a wedding gown is almost ready-made, only the details of an outfit can cause some problems. What is really problematic and really difficult, though, is to decide on a bridesmaid dress. It is true that there are some trends propagated by fashion houses. Unfortunately, not only every designer has his own idea for a dress, but these trends change so rapidly that it is very difficult to follow them. While the cut and the form of the outfit may be relatively easy to choose, picking up a proper color may cause a severe headache. Here are three safest and good-looking colors for a bridesmaid gown that will greatly complement a white wedding dress.


For the brides-to-be that do not want to risk or experiment with colors, the best choice is to dress a bridal party in gray or silver. First of all, these colors perfectly match white outfit of a bride. After all, these are just different shades of white. Together, they will create a calming, but formal-looking, harmony. Secondly, these colors do not draw much attention, and therefore perfectly fulfill their role of making a bride more prominent. Flashy colors are likely to redirect the attention of guests, which is something you do not want to have on your own wedding. What you want is the bride being in the center of attention with a group of bridesmaids by her side and not the other way around.


If you are a bit braver, however, you may try a purple bridesmaid dress. While gray and silver create a peaceful harmony with white, purple will create a pretty strong contrast. The important thing is that this contrast will not be annoying or distracting, but very energizing. Moreover, purple is considered to be a royal color. A bridal party wearing purple dresses will definitely add splendor to the ceremony. A white wedding dress is bound to shone magnificently with such a beautiful background and will take the breath away of every participant of a wedding. This combination will certainly be a very pleasant view for the guests and at the same time will not create confusion as to who is the most important on that day.


The third option is to lighten up the atmosphere by combining a white wedding gown with canary-colored bridesmaid dress. This very joyful color will definitely paint smiles on the faces of your guests, and together with white they will create a sunny combinations that your relatives and friends will never forget. Especially, when a wedding is taking place during summer and a bride accompanied by her bridesmaids will come out of a church the view will be very heart-warming. But do not feel discouraged just because your wedding will take place on a colder day. Actually, such a view can make your freezing guests feel like there were a warm sunshine just behind the windows.


Hopefully, with this short guide you too will be able to turn your wedding into a colorful event. After all, you should not let your most important day to be bleak and boring.