After choosing your wedding dress and the theme for your wedding, you will then need to start looking for the perfect bridesmaid dresses. This is simply so that you have a basis for deciding the style and colour of the dresses. Bridesmaids are optional at a wedding but it's quite sweet to have a young lady between the ages of three and eight to whom you are close  play a part on your big day. The role of flower girls is simply to scatter petals along the path of the bride before the maid of honour, and sometimes even before the bride. The ring bearer should be followed by the this girl.

It does not matter how many bridesmaids you have but it is widely accepted to have at least two. This is simply so that the little princesses have moral support as they proceed down the aisle together. If you would only like one girl who is a bridesmaid at the wedding, then you may want to think about pairing up the ring bearer with the bridesmaids so that they can go down the aisle together. However, some couples, choose to have up to ten at their weddings, perhaps this is more advisable since it means that all of you much loved little ladies get their special moment on your big day!

However, regardless of the number of bridesmaids that you choose to have at your wedding, to add a sense of organisation to your wedding, you may want to consider selecting flower girls dresses that coordinate with each other, for instance you may decide that all of your bridesmaids should wear the same colour or design. Alternatively, you may decide that all of the little girls who walk down the aisle at your wedding wear exactly the same outfits. Some couples prefer this as it make all of the flower girls feel equal and it is tends to be more convenient.

When considering whether or not bridesmaids should have matching dresses to the maid of honour you should keep in mind that although the dress for the maid of honour still needs to coordinate with the bridesmaids dresses, she should wear a slightly different colour or have a dress with a design that varies a little from the bridesmaids' dresses. The maid of honour should look a bit different without standing out too much.

In terms of exactly what they should wear, the possibilities are endless! Flower girls commonly wear white tea-length dresses with a satin bow at the waist but some couples decide to have their flower girls wear smaller versions of the actual wedding dress. This is more common when there are fewer flower girls however. Nevertheless, it would be advisable to browse the various flower girls dresses that are available then decide the designs or colours of the girls' dresses.


Bridesmaids also conventionally carry special occasion accessories such as flower baskets or dolly bags. These are simply small purses holding the petals, sweets or confetti that the flower girls will scatter as they walk down the aisle. Dolly bags flower baskets make great wedding accessories because they make great accompaniments to special occasion outfits by adding a dainty touch to the chosen girls' dresses. As well as this from a practical point of view, they give bridesmaids something to do with their hands as they walk down the aisle; surprisingly fiddling with something as they walk down the aisle could help the youngsters ease their nerves.

After having found the perfect flower girls dresses on kids clothing online sites, you should also think about matching the chosen outfit with a pair of dainty shoes. If you would like to create a glamorous appearance bedazzled shoes could be an option, alternatively for a sweet and dainty appearance pretty, diamante shoes could complement the dress(es) of choice.

To complete the girls' looks you will need to think about how she will b having her hair. An easy option would be for her to have her hair down. To create a more elegant appearance, the girl could wear her hair up. Either way, it is a lovely idea to accessorise with a tiara or a crown of flowers to complete the cute look. These accessories can all be found on kids clothing online sites like

Example of Flower Girls Dress

Flower Girls Dress