Rediscovering True Wisdom: A Rant

Source of Direction, Meaning, Intent and Purpose

Life without wisdom is uneventful, like running in circles pretending is a straight line.

Wisdom is what makes the brain click and the eye see.  The true opportunity finder.  Thanks to wisdom, some are able to visualize crisis as opportunities.

It allow us to look at the solution for our current situation, instead of resorting to desperation.  Wisdom plans ahead, looks beyond and stays still.  It is never in a rush because wisdom is always going, peacefully going.

Wisdom is one with the elements and is present in everything.  Some see, some don’t, but is there, it takes wisdom to recognize wisdom. 

The solution, the exit, the chance, all right in front of you, inside of you.  The treasure in our own backyard.

It has no religion, no branding, no belief and no cult.  Although very valuable, wisdom is both free and priceless.  There is no price for wisdom because it is free.

Not to be confuse with knowledge, wisdom does not dwell in accumulating facts, remembering places, lists, statistics, or relevant data.  It rules with adapting and flowing in the present moment.  Knowledge is in fact an unfair example.

The fisherman might not know economics, but he is aware of the best time to set out to fish.  he leaves the house quietly to not bother his wife and kids, and comes back home being able to place food on the table.

Wisdom is the way to happiness.  It could be related to wealth, but it is not defined by wealth.  It naturally produces harmony and balance. Comes from a true self in that is aware and cognizant of being one with his surroundings.

Wisdom literature has its roots in Northern Syria, in the pagan city of Ebla, where 150000 clay tablets dated 4500BCE were found. Today there is a myriad of writers and excellent literature to what the Egyptians revered as Ma’at.

Greek philosopher Socrates (ca. 469 B.C.E. - 399 B.C.E.)Credit: Joe KopsickCredit: Joe Kopsick

Wisdom Literature

Title (Author)

There is a myriad choice of titles that fit under the Wisdom Literature genre, the Bible included.  The following are personal favorite titles:

1. The Prophet (Gibran Khalil Gibran)- The Lebanese poet greatest work, includes stories classified for every aspect of life, including the famous “On Children” -"Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself”.

2. The Book Of Proverbs- The Bible includes an extra four books of wisdom, Job, Psalms, Ecclesiastes and The Song of Solomon, but Proverbs deserves a special mention. 31 chapters, 915 verses and 15038 words of ancient wisdom, written from a father to his son, as it was the original intention.  If any book in the Bible should be read out loud and passed on to children, is this excellent life manual.

3. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success (Deepak Choprah)- A life changing book that teaches about the following laws: The Law of Pure Potentiality, The Law of  The Law of Karma, The Law of Least Effort (my favorite), The Law of Intention and Desire, The Law of Detachment and The Law of Dharma (seeking your higher self).

4. The Art of Virtue (Benjamin Franklin)- Started by this great mind and one of America’s founding father in 1760, “The Art of Virtue" explores the twelve principles that guided his life:goals and personal development, family and interpersonal relationships, business and wealth, ethics, good health, aging, and more.

5. The Sayings of Confucius- A delightful, deep and simple read. “Learning without thought is naught, thought without learning is dangerous”.

7. Jonathan Livingston Seagull (Richard Bach)- A story about life, spiritual growth, and mercy. The book is about a seagull but is really about humanity.

8. The Little Prince (Antoine de Saint Exupery)- Relationships, Love, Greed, and the futility of our everyday demands are explored in this lovely story about a boy and his love for a rose, and how he flies across the Universe to realize that he really loves her.  During his travel, he makes several stops at different planets.  Each visit includes a lesson.

9. The Socratic Dialogues- Socrates never wrote a word, but his disciple Plato made sure the wisdom of his last hours made it to paper.  “For I am and always have been one of those natures who must be guided by reason...”.  His dialogue with Crito is one barely mentioned.  Socrates was an integral man whose teachings focused on the virtues of living life based on principles.

10. The Golden Sayings of Epictetus- Written by this slave during 1st century BCE.  Epictetus writings also resembles those from Proverbs and the Ebla tablets.  A main authority on Stoic morals.  He stressed the importance of man finding happiness within himself.  “Try to enjoy the great festival of life with other men”.

“Whereas, I entreat you to learn what the administration of the World is, and what place a Being endowed with reason holds therein: to consider what you are yourself, and wherein your Good and Evil consists”.

Why Debate When You Can Learn From The Other?


Refresh Your Mind and Spirit

Making time for these kind of reading opens a portal to new perspectives on Humanity.  Whenever one relates about the good old times, fails to see the true circumstances of the past.  Every generation has its set of thieves, corruption, oppression and injustice.  Whenever one relates about how much we have advanced today in regards to technology and new discoveries, fails to acknowledge the leaps older civilizations took with no electricity, no internet, and no satellites.  Internet posts have turned browsing into the ultimate information tumbler.  And it just takes one to have enough time to post enough amount of words to make it sound true and reliable.

We need to go inside, search inside into our wisdom.  We need to reach out into the wisdom of ages.  We need to realize that be it 5th Century, 1760 or 2010, is the same wisdom.  The masses, the general public, do not care much for philosophy or wisdom fluffiness.  Yet it is disciplines like this one, the ones that inspire others like math and sciences.

This is not an exclusive list, just a small sample.  Remember about wisdom being free? Most of these titles are easily available! Go to Google Books.  Select those with preview or full view and feast your mind with some refreshing aphorisms.