Order A Briggs And Stratton Manual

My husband had an old Montgomery Ward snowblower that he insisted on using this past winter. It had a Briggs and Stratton engine and looked like it was about a hundred years old. And Montgomery Ward? Wasn't that chain defunct about 20 years ago? So when the snowblower stopped working (for the last time) I told my husband that he needed to get his hands on a Briggs and Stratton manual so that he could troubleshoot the engine. Unfortunately, getting a manual for a Briggs and Stratton engine was easier said than done, especially for our machine. We tried to order a Briggs and Stratton manual online but could not find what we were looking for. Although my husband is a pretty handy guy, this proved challenging. It was even more challenging for me not to say "I told you so." The moral of the story is, if you already have a manual for your engine or machine, hold onto it for dear life. If you don't have one yet, it might be a good idea to order one before you actually need it. Not all mechanic manuals are instant download; some will arrive via regular mail and you'll have to wait for it. Keep this in mind if you happen to have an old machine like we do, for when the inevitable can and does occur.

Order Briggs And Stratton Parts

The next joyful experience was trying to order Briggs and Stratton parts for this dysfunctional beast that sat in our driveway. My husband tried to order a Briggs and Stratton carburetor but found them to be surprisingly expensive, even online. We went down to our local auto parts store to see if they had any small engine repair parts that we could purchase. We also picked up a couple of engine rebuild kits for spare parts in case we needed them. Luckily, they did have a carburetor and engine rebuild kits for the Briggs and Stratton engine and we were on our way in about ten minutes. Once we got home, my husband went to work fast and furiously on this old Montgomery Ward snowblower. He worked on it for what seemed like hours and it still wasn't working. It was time for plan B. I suggested that he bring the snowblower into the local small engine repair mechanic so that it could be properly assessed and fixed. Not surprisingly, my spouse refused.

Become A Small Engine Repair Mechanic

He told me that he has always wanted to learn how to fix things, and decided to enroll in small engine repair school. Penn Foster Repair School was the first school to come up when he did an internet search for small engine repair schools. We read some of the Penn Foster Reviews and were a bit turned off. Many of them were negative and complained about support and administration issues. We have also lived long enough to know that not everything that you read on the internet is true or factual, despite big headlines and sensationalized titling. We called Penn Foster ourselves and spoke to a couple of different representatives before deciding to enroll in the class. It was convenient because my husband could do all of his learning from home, and at his own pace. I am surprised that my husband decided to learn small engine repair, but I'm proud of him for finding a solution to his problem.

We have always said that when a door won't open for you, break it down. The inability to find the Briggs and Stratton parts necessary to fix the snowblower was just a challenge to overcome. Now, when he is done with his coursework, I don't think there will be anything that will be able to escape his expertise. He will become a pro at Briggs and Stratton troubleshooting and engine repairs. And who knows? Maybe one day this ugly old Montgomery Ward snowblower will no longer be a decoration in my driveway.

Briggs and Stratton Small Engine

Learning to fix Briggs and Stratton engines takes special schooling.