Pushing the borders of design style is what the eclectic baby nursery is all about. This is the baby room where several design styles – vintage, ethnic, classic, modern-all harmoniously coexist. Taking it up a notch, we make it bright! You could have bright walls, bright nursery bedding or bright accessories that tie it all together. The bright eclectic baby's room will really stand out as your personal take on the nursery that is organically yours.

Bright Walls
Bright walls are a great way to saturate the baby's room with color. Keep in mind, though; you're going to be spending a lot of time in this room so you don't want to make it offensive to your senses. A great way to incorporate a bright color on the walls is to choose one wall and paint it with a bright color or paper one wall with a funky bright pattern. Keep the other three walls light and neutral but really have fun with playing up one wall. Before choosing the wall, it's a great idea to spend some time in the room at different times of the day. See how the sunlight permeates the room and which wall it really falls on. Contrary to what you might think, this is probably not the wall that you want to make bright. The wall will be lit up brightly by the sun, when you take it up a notch with color, it actually could hurt your eyes or worst, give you a headache. A bright wall paired with light colored furniture (think pale, pale peach paired just right with baby's breath blue) can really live together beautifully.

Bright Nursery Bedding
Bright nursery bedding can be a tough thing to find as most bedding seems to be pastel hues. But, don't fear there are several options when using bright colors for the linens. Although not prevalent and mainstream, (which is pretty boring anyway) if you look there are a few places where you can find bright manufactured baby bedding. One such collection that comes to mind is the Dr. Seuss Nursery Bedding from the Pottery Barn Kids collection. The colors are bright primary colors that would really coincide nicely with your thrift store find toy box and your great uncle's little red fire truck. If none of the pre-fab fabrics do it for you, consider having your bedding custom made. If you choose this option, the choices of fabric and texture are endless. Imagine bold plaid of orange, aqua and navy bedding in a baby nursery accented with varying shades of blue and white all about.

Bright Accessories
If you think bright walls and bright bedding are too much color in one place, think about introducing bright colored accessories to the mix. Stick with light, sedate walls and bedding but introduce splashes of color in subtle ways with the trimmings. A beautiful Chinese paper kite of electric blue, orange and lime green and yellow fish tacked to a neutral colored wall could live agreeably with a vintage lamp of red, blue and white.

Bright colors have been proven to stimulate your baby's brain development so don't be afraid when incorporating bright colors into their room. And I can think of no better style then the eclectic baby nursery to pull it off.