Brighter, whiter teeth and smile

and less cavities or gum issues too.

Bright Smile – Whiter Teeth with Supersmile Whitening System

Bright smile - Supersmile whitening system


Are you a coffee drinker, tea drinker, red wine drinker, or a smoker and have problems with yellow teeth or dull and discolored teeth, unhealthy gums, problems with cavities or bad breath? Whiter teeth are more attractive and typically show a sign of good health.

Many people are looking for ways to achieve a bright smile with whiter teeth although the costs of most dental products or specialty products can be cost prohibitive, ineffective and even damaging to tooth enamel for the average consumer. You want a simple way to whiter teeth without the mess, side effects, chemicals or multiple steps involved and fast results would be a bonus. You can have a bright smile with Supersmile Whitening System safely and easily every day. My family is addicted to this toothpaste and have used many of the other products they make with great results. I think you'll like it too.

Supersmile is a whitening system that you can use at home and works as simply as brushing the teeth twice a day without strips, without gooey messes, chemicals and without having to set a timer for it to work. Supersmile comes with two products and two fresh tooth brushes with each package you purchase as well as other available whitening products listed below.

The Supersmile whitening system was developed by Dr. Irwin Smigel, the world renowned Father of Aesthetic Dentistry that owns this #1 patent on a whitening system product recommended by cosmetic dentists with key ingredients and is made in the USA.


Supersmile is the world's first teeth whitening system without harmful chemicals and without abrasives that end up harming the tooth enamel during the whitening process.


Why is Supersmile Better than other toothpastes?

The active ingredient in Supersmile is sodium Mono-fluorophosphate to aid in the prevention of dental cavities. Inactive ingredients include water, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sorbitol, Calcium Carbonate, Titanium Dioxide, Calcium Peroxide, Corn Starch and Sodium Perborate that all work together to fight cavities, safely whitens teeth without harm to tooth enamel or gums, freshens breath and maintains healthy gums. No more having to mix your own healthy teeth whitening concoctions and all the work is done already!


Will Supersmile give you a bright smile with whiter teeth?

Supersmile will bleach natural teeth to make them whiter and works to remove and eliminate stains on teeth due to coffee, tea, berries, smoking, red wine and diet. It works safely without any of the dangers of bleach.


Can you use Supersmile to restore teeth?

Supersmile will restore natural teeth as well as teeth with bonding, veneers, caps and dentures to their crisp, whiter, bright smile that you may have lost.


How should you use Supersmile for a bright smile and whiter teeth?

Supersmile is very easy to use and safe enough to use every day. There are two tubes per package or each item is sold individually. The first tube contains the toothpaste, just add a pea sized amount to the toothbrush. The second tube contains a whitening accelerator and is activated when a pea sized amount is added to the toothpaste.

Simply place both drops of Supersmile onto your favorite toothbrush and brush for at least two minutes or while singing 'Happy Birthday' while brushing your teeth without water. This product works best when dry.


Are there any precautions to take with Supersmile Whitening System?

Children under the age of 6 years old should not use Supersmile since they could swallow it and this is not recommended by the company.

There are no other precautions necessary although occasionally, some adults have reported obtaining new tooth sensitivity after using this product. The company recommends that you stop using the whitening system for one or two days until the sensitivity subsides and then continue using it again. Most customers with tooth sensitivity had no ill effects using the Supersmile Whitening System.


What other products are available from Supersmile?

Supersmile Whitening Oral Rinse is a mouthwash that can be used as a pre-rinse; it helps to reduce plaque and bacteria in the mouth which contribute to dental cavities as well as it freshens breath, is mild and refreshing and helps to improve the overall health of the mouth.

Supersmile Whitening Gum is used in between brushing to help to whiten teeth for a bright smile while helping to fight bad breath.

Supersmile Toothpaste is sold separately for other family members in the household or if you run out and just need the toothpaste without the activator.

Supersmile Accelerator is also sold separately if you just need a refill of this without the toothpaste.


What other recommendations are there?

Increased benefits have been noted by many customers that have added an electric toothbrush while using these products for increased and faster cleaning of the teeth, stain removal and improved gum health.

Find it online at, on sale and other online stores that carry professional teeth whitening products. Recommended by aesthetic dentists around the world and also offers positive customer reviews.

If you are searching for an effective way to a bright smile and whiter teeth – Supersmile Whitening System is worth trying because it is safe and easy to use every day, contains no chemicals and you will see results rather quickly in not only whiter teeth without stains but an overall healthier mouth and gums and maybe less trips to the dentist.

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My favorite toothpaste

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Supersmile Whitening System, Original Mint,Set ,1.2 & 1.4 Ounce
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Nice minty taste, no abrasives, no chemicals, naturally whitens and brightens teeth and gums for a healthy smile.